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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-24

AAA battery is a dry battery commonly used in portable electronic devices.It basically measures 10.Diameter 5mm, 44.5 mm in length.The maximum diameter of the positive pole of the battery is 3.8mm, while the minimum diameter of the flat negative terminal is 4.3mm.The alkaline AAA battery weighs about 11.5 grams, and a lithium battery AAA weighs about 7.6 g.And rechargeable NickelAAA battery weight 14-15 g.AAA batteries are mainly used in small electronic devices such as TV remote control, MP3 player and digital device.Some devices require the same voltage but require higher current consumption;AA battery type is required for these types of devices.With the improvement of efficiency of modern electronic devices, many devices designed for AA batteries are being replaced by AAA batteries.According to records in 2007, AAA batteries accounted for 24% of the sales of alkaline primary batteries in the United States.In Switzerland, the total sales of AAA batteries in the same year was 30%, and the total sales of secondary batteries was 32%.Battery life is the reason for the successful deployment of devices that require a long life.Several power management technologies have been adopted to extend battery life.Here are some factors that you need to consider when choosing the right battery type.The energy density is the sum of the energy that can be stored per unit mass or volume.This determines how long the device will remain before it needs to be charged.Power density is the maximum rate of discharge per unit mass or volume energy.Low-power devices include laptops and I-Pod and high power equipment include power tools.At high temperatures, some battery components usually break through and have a heating reaction.High temperatures often reduce the performance of most batteries.The battery has a long life and requires the stability of the energy density and power density of the battery with repeated cycles.This long battery life is required for most appliances.Cost is a very important feature that most of you consider.The cost of the battery is important to compensate for its performance.According to Consumer Reports, the energizer lithium battery is the highest rated lithium battery.It is expected to be 9 times longer than the other batteries in the digital camera, known for their high leakage devices.It is the most powerful alkaline battery.It has a power check circle on the right side of the battery that shows the remaining power.Consumer Reports say the battery is rated very well.This is the perfect choice for use in low emission devices such as flashlights and digital cameras.This is the perfect option for families, and when used with a digital camera, it has a fair rating.The Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable battery is the best option compared to the regular one-time battery.These batteries are available for high drain and low drain devices.In the long run, you can save a lot of time and money.
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