How to Replace a Black & Decker Hand Vacuum Battery - lifepo4 battery pack 12v

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How to Replace a Black & Decker Hand Vacuum Battery  -  lifepo4 battery pack 12v
NASA needs a battery.
As early as 1969 for the Apollo moon mission operation exercise.
Black & Decker took the challenge and produced a new technology that allowed DustBuster to enter the market by 1979.
Sold millions in the first year alone. -
Four times the wired hand vacuum--
Black & Decker's rechargeable dust-proof machine makes it easy to clean previously inconvenient.
Today, Black & Decker continues to sell rechargeable manual vacuum cleaners of various models.
Some of the features are to clamp the battery in the proper position to form part of the handle.
Every time you recharge--
Or when you change the battery-
Simply pop up the battery.
Other black and double-layer manual vacuum cleaners are installed in the charger base.
You can charge these easily, but it is more difficult to replace the battery.
1 Remove your black and double hand vacuum from the charging base.
Move to a well lit place if necessary.
2 Turn on the manual vac and let it run out of the remaining battery power.
Listen to the sound--
The tone and rhythm change as the battery discharges.
Continue to remove the battery once the motor is completely stopped.
As needed, 3 rotating accessories, such as vacuum cleaners, are away from the storage location, allowing you to take the vacuum apart.
Some blacks and deckels do not have this option;
If you miss a piece, you can move it during disassembly.
4 Remove seven clearly visible screws using a cross screwdriver to loosen the two halves that form the vacuum housing.
Once the screw is gone, open the case.
Some manual vacuum models for Black & Decker are slightly different, so if your vacuum is assembled differently, please return the screws that hold it together.
5 Look for the battery and usually observe the vacuum from below and in the direction of the handle.
If you see the battery, find the lead connection running between the battery pack and the vacuum.
Gently pull the battery apart.
6 If your vacuum needs to be completely torn, look for screws to keep the motor in a vacuum
Instead of the previous battery style.
Most Black & Decker units have a screw to hold the motor as seen from the vacuum bottom near the bowl.
7 lift the motor to reveal the final screw that holds the battery cover on the motor.
Remove these screws, open the lid and reveal the battery.
8 separate the motor connection and then pull the motor out of the battery housing.
Remove the battery lead that remains attached to the battery and pry the battery away from the housing.
9 insert the new battery and reassemble the vacuum according to the way you remove the vacuum.
Fully charged and ready to use new batteries.
Scoop: Black & Decker re-launching the iconic "Dustbuster" technology News Daily: 5 NASA inventions have changed our lives: instruction ManualBlack & Decker: black & Decker instruction manual resource (1): Everything you need to know about batterieson about AuthorKarie Fay got a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Arkansas, Monticello, minor law.
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