lithium ion battery voltage How to Make a Grapefruit Power a Light Bulb

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

The battery has many different shapes and sizes: alkaline, zinc chloride, lithium ion, and even grapefruit.The acidity in citrus fruits, such as lemons, lime and grapefruit, enables their juices to conduct electricity.In this fun and simple experiment (10 years and older), you can make a grapefruit battery that is strong enough to light a small Christmas light.This experiment shows how citrus like grapefruit produces small currents.Prepare grapefruit.Gently scroll the grapefruit on a hard surface, such as a table or table top, to let the juicies flow inside.You can also squeeze the fruit with your fingers.Be careful not to break the skin of grapefruit!If you accidentally pierce the first Grapefruit, please use another one.Push the copper nails into the grapefruit.The tip of the nail (Sharp end) should be in the center of the fruit.Make sure the nails don't poke to the other side of the grapefruit.Place zinc nails in grapefruit.Zinc nails should be located 2 inch away from copper nails.Again, the tip of the nail should be close to the center of the fruit, but do not let the zinc nail touch the copper nail.Remove the insulation material covering the bulb lead (wire.Remove about 1 inch of the insulation and uncover the wires below.Make sure you expose enough wires to wrap the two nails.Take a wire around the zinc nail.Please use some tape if the wire keeps slipping.Wrap the other wire around the copper nail.Once both wires are connected to the nail, the bulb will open!
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