residential energy storage five ways to save energy - energy efficiency

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-13
residential energy storage five ways to save energy - energy efficiency
Perhaps the most promising resource.\" --Unlock energy efficiency in the USS.McKinsey & Company, September 2009.We can't say anything better ourselves.The problem is that while both commercial and residential energy efficiency can be the main way to save energy, money and the planet, it's just a bit boring.Renewable energy has received all the attention, and of course, solar, wind, geothermal and tidal power energy are exciting ways to save energy, in the long run, this will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and unstable foreign electricity.But before these technologies reach a price point that is attractive to most Americans, we can use the power to improve energy efficiency in business and housing, taking small, sustainable steps towards a healthier planet is why we have come up with five simple and inexpensive ways to save energy and money by reducing the use of electricity in homes and offices.
--Ok, quick!Get your computer to sleep (hint for dangerous topics ).If you spend more than three seconds, you work too hard.One of the easiest ways to save energy is to use ecobutton (TM ).
It is very easy to use, can not be ignored on your desk, every time you use it, its software will report your money and carbon dioxide savings, which makes your green conscience get--Do you read in bed before going to bed?We do.But we use LED to get all the light we needLighting light wedges (R ).If we fall asleep while the lamp wedge (R) is still on, we will never feel guilty about our residential energy efficiency levels.
--You won't get a big picture when you turn off your big screen TV.Because we are an impatient society, our electronic devices use energy even when they are turned off, and you will appear if you have the opportunity.This standby state, that is, the power of the "vampire", is almost equal to the energy consumed by the device during use.
Get a smart strip to improve the energy efficiency of the home and stop Dracula on his track.--We cheated a bit.It is more important to use less light than to save energy in the house, but sometimes less is OK.Not many stand-Separate lights have dimmer switches, one of the best ways to save energy.
However, we have an app--a lamp-Very friendly dimmerFor an energyConsider a fully compatible, dimmable, energy-efficient bulb that is an effective alternative to incandescent lamps.--The passion for commercial and residential energy efficiency is directly related to the value earned by the effort.Consider 23-watt eco-100% post-If only two hours are opened per day, a return of 10 months (1 ).
We have high hopes for renewable energy and pay attention to every development in terms of energy conservation.But for now, because the cheapest and cleanest kilowatt is never used in the first place, we think McKinsey is doing something.We hope that our simple business and residential energy efficiency concepts will inspire you to take action and dream of saving the only planet we call home.
The national average retail price is 11.
47 cents per kilowatt hour.
Source: Energy Information Administration
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