small lithium ion battery Graphite Market With Innovations, Competitive Analysis, New Business Stratigies Forcast 2014-2022

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-04
small lithium ion battery Graphite Market With Innovations, Competitive Analysis, New Business Stratigies Forcast 2014-2022
The graphite market size report released by the joint market research company predicts that the global market value in 2015 will be US $13.004 billion, and it is expected to reach US $18.769 billion by 2022, supported by 5 CAGR.The forecast period from 4% to 2022 was 2014.
The refractory part was held for nearly three-Fourth in total market volume in 2015.Similar to diamonds, graphite is a homophobic shaped body of carbon in the form of hexagonal crystals in black or gray color.Graphite has high heat resistance and its melting point is about 3,930 ℃.
It is the most conductive and heat-conducting non-metallic material as well as an efficient lubricant.Graphite is chemically inert in nature and has high corrosion resistance.In addition, graphite has the advantages of higher working reliability, high conductivity, higher strength and higher lubrication.
Joint Market Research.
com/request-Due to increased demand for light materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, the global graphite market is expected to usher in many opportunities for the manufacture of automotive and aircraft components.In addition, the different applications of graphite in lubrication and refractory materials are expected to drive market growth during the forecast period.In addition, the increase in cost demandEffective raw materials and increased demand for lithium-ion batteries drive growth in the market.
However, strict government regulations on natural graphite mining may hinder market growth.Due to the increased use of lithium-ion batteries, graphite is expected to achieve the largest growth in battery production applications, especially in smartphones and tablets.In terms of volume, the refractory part accounts for about two-Share of 2015.
In order to cope with the long-term transformation of refractory materials, the global demand for high-efficiency lightweight graphite products is very high.In addition, the increase in cost demandThe growth of effective battery anode and graphite adoption in foundry lubrication has driven the global graphite market.According to Eswara Prasad, head of the chemical and materials team at the joint market research company, "increasing the use of graphite to produce lithium-ion battery anode, especially in consumer electronics, began to use natural and synthetic graphite, especially as a substitute for heavy metals and expensive metals.
Therefore, in battery production applications, increased demand for relatively light and cheap materials presents a profitable opportunity for important players in the market.https://www.Joint Market Research.In 2015, Asia-The Pacific and LAMEA together account for about 47% of the total graphite market, and this trend is expected to continue due to the growth of steel refractory materials, especially in China, India, Brazil and other developing countries.In addition, the increase in the use of graphite in lubrication applications, as well as the change in preferences of different battery manufacturers to establish manufacturing facilities, contributed to market growth.
The main companies introduced in the report include North graphite company and Asbury Graphite factory company.Energy Resources CompanyMason Graphite Co., Ltd. Flinders Resources Co., Ltd., Fox graphite, Showa Denko K.K., SGL Carbon SE, SEC Carbon Co., Ltd. and Graphite India Co., Ltd
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