small lithium ion battery Major Inventions Timeline: The 21st Century

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-10
small lithium ion battery Major Inventions Timeline:  The 21st Century
From the high-tech improvements of old ideas to new Awesome Inventions.It is a modified version of Jarvik's invention, but it is entirely an internal model.Cars are now more energy efficient and are moving from traditional fossil fuel systems to greener models and targeting models of zero emission and low carbon footprint such as Deakin T-Squared car developed in Australia.
With the development of nano-motors, it is no longer a dream, focusing on real green energy, inspiring in inventions such as flying windmills and Margarita.By this century, the magical nature of invention will continue unabated.Who knows what will happen next?"In inventions such as mobile phones and tablets, technology has begun to popularize.
Would it be surprising to find in the near future that the transporter (substance remover/complex) has been invented?2000 -T.V.Oommen invented environmental protection transformer liquid from vegetable oil.2001 -Invented by Abiomed, the artificial heart of AbioCor.
2001 -Dr.
Kenneth Matsumaura and Arlene have invented an artificial liver.2001 -Aprillia invented the fuel cell bike.2001 -self-.2001 -Publicly announced on October 23, 2001.
2001 -Two brothers David and Jay Gerron from Utah completed the gyro plane perfectly.2001 -Another design of the suspension bridge.2002 -Gloves invented by Ryan Patterson Braille.
2002 -2002 -The birth control pill was invented by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical.2002 -Richard Merrill invented the dating rape drug officer.2002 -Jorg Schlaich invented the Sun Tower.
2002 -The virtual keyboard was invented by Canesta and VKB.2003 -Alex Zettl invented a Nano motor that can ride on the back of the virus.2003 -Toyota's hybrid car was launched in Japan.
2003 -Claudia Escobar and Skini invented salmon skin leather that is mainly used in bikini.2003 -Rod Sprules invented Java logs made from old coffee mills.2003 -Singapore technology electronics and Singapore's Defense Science and Technology Agency have invented an Infrared fever screening system for scanning high-temperature or SARS patients in public buildings.
2003 -Adam Whitton and jorita newkint invented No-Protect the wearer's contact jacket by electric shock to any attacker.2004 -The Intel Express chipset was invented by Gransdale and Alderwood;They will provide built-inVoice and video features of PC.2004 -St.George's medical school in London has invented a way to plant vaccines in plants, paving the way for cheap vaccine manufacturing.
2004 -SonoPrep, who injected drugs through sound waves, was invented by biological engineer Robert Lange.2005 -YouTube was invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jarvis Karim.2005 -An international team of Britain, the United States and Japan, scientists believe they have found a general switch for cancer, which they call "Pokémon"©Mon (for the POK red line-like ontogenic factor ).
2005 -Smart plastic with a specific wavelength change shape is invented.2006 -The infrared alcohol test was invented in Albuquerque, USA.M.Identify drunk drivers quickly.2006 -A Smart car driven by natural gas drove 108.
It was invented by BMW and various European institutions.2006 -Tesla Motor company invented the Tesla sports car 100, which runs in a huge lithium-Ion batteries can drive 250 miles of highway.2006 -Shanghai-A toy car based on Horizon fuel cell technology is driven by hydrogen extracted from tap water.
2006 -Water Science invented the rainmaker, which collects drinking water from the air.2006 -Allerca invented a mixed breed of hypoallergenic cats.2006 -2006 -HelioVolt invented the solar skin, which can be printed directly on glass, metals and other building materials so that the skyscrapers can be ready for solar energy.
2007 -Jonathan Ive of the UK invented the iPhone for Apple.2007 -Bruce Crower invented a steam/gasoline hybrid that travels 40% further than a conventional gasoline engine.2007 -Led by Sir Magdi Yakubu, Professor of Cardiac Surgery at Imperial College London, the British research team and one of the world's leading cardiac surgeons invented for the first time a process to grow the human heart part from stem cells.
2007 -Espresso Book Machine was invented and it printed out a 300-page novel for $3 per Book in 3 minutes.2007 -Sony invented the bio-battery, which can run on any sugary solution and glucoseAn enzyme that extracts electrons that produce electricity.2007 -Frank Pringle of global resources invented an emissionFree process of extracting oil from shale, tires and plastic using microwave.
2007 -Henry Liu invented a way to compress Mercury.Adding ash from coal-fired power plants to bricks made at room temperature also saves energy.2007 -The Hyshot over-fired stamping engine was invented by a team led by Professor Allan Paull of the University of Queensland.
It was designed to lift the aircraft to supersonic speeds.2007 -Alex Zettl invented the Nano radio receiver.2007 -The array of electric acupuncture biomedical sensors was invented.
This is a patch that does not require external blood extraction to read blood readings.2007 -Dow Corning invented special clothing for motorcyclists, which will become soft and protect the body unless affected by autumn.2008 -Active Texas, smog-Cement-eating was invented by Italian company Italian cement, which destroyed pollutants in the air by up to 60%.
2008 -The flying windmill was invented by Sky Windpower in San Diego, which extracts energy from the jet stream and may meet the energy needs of the planet.2008 -The Deakin T-The square green car was invented by a student at the Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.It uses compressed air as fuel and is therefore a vehicle with zero emissions.
It is cheap to produce because it uses lightWeight material, with only three wheels and the use of a "wire-controlled drive" system means that there is no bogies or steering rods.A person controls the vehicle by means of an electronic connection instead of a mechanical connection between the hand and the wheel.2008 -Skin gun spray was developed by Dr. AustraliaFiona Wood, who uses human stem cells to regenerate skin tissue.
2008 -Nintendo Wii is the first interactive game system.2009 -The sixth feeling wearable gesture interface was invented to allow natural gestures to interact with computers.2009 -Retinal implants were invented by the research group of retinal implants.
It is a micro-electronic implant that can restore vision to patients with amd and blindness.2009 -Tank-The farmed tuna system was invented by the Clean Marine tuna in Port Augusta, Australia.2011 -Swedish engineer Alex Breton invented a print-and-print, combined camera, injet printer that can take pictures and then "brush" the photos to any medium.
2011 -The bug detective uses a digital organic compound sensor to detect bugs by sensing two kinds of sex hormones generated by bugs
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