solar street light lithium battery the benefits of the maintenance-free vrla battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-05
solar street light lithium battery the benefits of the maintenance-free vrla battery
As demand for backup power supplies increases for several devices, the use of larger batteries is increasing.Regardless of whether it is connected to a reliable power grid or not, in some sectors, continuous power supply is absolutely critical, and the risks posed by unplanned power outages are enormous.Although the use of traditional lead-acid batteries is very popular, without it, its performance drops quickly and maintenance must also be carried out on a regular basis.
Therefore, some industries are increasingly using non-Maintenance of VRLA batteries.Low maintenance and long life batteries are specially designed for long use and do not require continuous maintenance.The VRLA battery is one of the most viable options for a backup power system, as it ensures that the battery does not require regular replacement or repair.
This battery can last for months or even years without any supervision.This battery has low selfBecause it can reliably provide backup discharge function for several hours.Its built-in cycle and floating design eliminates almost all the possibilities of leaking gas from the battery by constantly reusing the chemicals that exist inside in the most efficient way.
Not like ordinary lead.
Acid Battery, VRLA battery can continue to work for many years without any maintenance due to the use of oxygenRestructuring technology.Thanks to its special leak-proof design, it is also able to provide backup without discharging any corrosive gas or acid.VRLA batteries can be used in a variety of environments, whether in a reliable urban environment of the power grid or in rural areas without a power grid, which may be a truly viable battery.
These batteries can even work in harsh environments where temperatures can reach extremely low or extremely high levels and are not easily accessible to the grid.In addition, most VRLA batteries are very compact and lightweight, so they can be easily and easily transported within a few miles.Suitable for a variety of modern solar systems, both working with solar energy and with the grid.
It perfectly meets the needs of various industries including telecom equipment, UPS systems, fire alarm and safety systems, and emergency lighting.They are also reliably used in solar street lamps and power systems at power stations.Any modern system that requires a portable power supply can greatly benefit from the application of the VRLA battery.
The leading battery company produces a variety of VRLA batteries to meet the needs of customers.From larger numbers that can provide backup for telecom towers and emergency rooms, to smaller models that can be used with flashlights, customers can choose models that suit their needs.So take a sensible choice and choose maintenance-Free VRLA battery.
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