vrla batterie maintenance related tips for vrla batteries used in ups

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-04
vrla batterie maintenance related tips for vrla batteries used in ups
In a year, there have been several failures in our country's power grid.In this case, we must face a comprehensive blockade.UPS can be very helpful in this case because they have batteries that will keep us in the light all the time.
The term UPS refers to uninterrupted power supply.The benefit of these systems is that most are equipped with VRLA batteries with a life span of about 3-5 years.In addition to this, these VRLA or valves regulate the design life of lead-acid batteries around 7-10 years.
The problem with users is that we often ignore routine care or take care of components that force this machine to wear out prematurely.Experts and suppliers from Socomec UPS say that the battery will also wear out quickly in the absence of proper care, but users can take several steps to extend battery life, in this article, some of these steps are under discussion.One thing to note about these VRLA batteries is that they provide power through chemical reactions.
So make sure you make the most of it;You need to be very picky about the ambient temperature of the room.Experts say the ideal temperature of the room should be between 20 and 25 degrees in order to get the best yield.On top of that, one thing to keep in mind is that this machine can run well until the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
Until such a high temperature, there is no problem at all, but one more thing to remember is that battery life begins to deteriorate when one degree rises to more than 30 degrees.According to sellers and suppliers of Socomec UPS, humidity also has a huge role in reducing UPS battery life.Similarly, excessive dust and corrosive smoke should also be avoided.
When positioning, make sure the side panels, connectors, and front panels are easy to touch.This step will be very helpful during general inspection and routine maintenance.Most Socomec UPS systems need about 100-There is 150mm space around it to accommodate enough air to flow in and out.
The bottom line is that the air inlet or air outlet or fan grille should never be blocked.The seller will make the fact that the VRLA battery is fully free to maintain as a USP, but this is only half a fake.The fact is that maintenance is very important and this must be supported by regular visual inspections.
These things can help you find a problem early on, which can cause serious problems for a period of time.The two most common things are drum packs or electrolyte deposits on terminals, both of which may be signs of development of some serious problems without being noticed
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