18650 lithium rechargeable battery super bright portable led lantern perfect for outdoor ...

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-15
18650 lithium rechargeable battery super bright portable led lantern perfect for outdoor ...
This is a smart, compact, lightweight, retractable LED camping lantern.I found that the brightness of the LED is quite good.The lumen output was not claimed, the CREE chip was not used, and the solid 18650 lithium battery was not used.
However, the output is enough to illuminate a small tent or room, enough to get you around.This light is a bright white spectrum, not a yellow light from an old filament bulb.It is very easy to transport this lantern, using a ready-made AA battery means you should never be able to effortlessly power the lantern while camping.
They should have enough capacity to power the lantern for a few hours every night for a week.The replacement is cheap and easy to carry and will not add much to the overall weight.To turn on the lantern, simply pull up two polished metal handles and retract the light reflector from the main body.
Closing is just the opposite process.
Two metal handles provide a very useful way to hang lanterns from hooks.I love that the body is made of high impact, lightweight plastic, and once packed into a backpack, it is unlikely that any of your items will be damaged.Since lanterns use LED technology, you will never need to replace the light bulb and will not be affected by the burning of thin wires because there is no light bulb.
If you put the lantern down, there is no thread to break.The LED uses much less power, but is proportional to the power used, and they provide excellent lumen output.This effective use of electricity leads to a fairly generous running time, which can surprise you if you're used to wrapping the torch/lantern around.
I am satisfied with the manufacturing quality, versatility and output of this LED lantern
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