aa battery pack How to Make Battery-Powered Christmas Lights

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

Create battery-Electric Christmas lights are simple.In many cases, Christmas lights need to be run on the battery power supply.Whether you place the lights where there is no power outlet or it is inconvenient or unsafe to run the wires ---Like on a wreath on the door.-Converting Christmas lights from using AC power to battery power is simple.Plug the Christmas lights into the AC to the DC inverter.This is the easiest way to convert Christmas lights to battery power.All you have to do is plug the Christmas lights into the inverter and then power it on a 12 volt battery.This is like using a socket when there is no socket.The 12 volt battery inverter can be purchased online for around $20.When the power cord cannot be run, creating a battery power supply for Christmas lights is another reason to convert Christmas lights from AC power to DC power.It's a bit complicated, but it's easy for anyone to do it.LED Christmas lights can be converted to DC by cutting off the wires and reconnecting to the battery pack.Cut the wire on the Christmas string at the plug and peel the plastic off the wire for about 1 inch.By wrapping the wires together, connect the wires on the waterproof battery harness to the exposed wires in step 2 of the Christmas lights.Once twisted, cover the wire with black tape.The battery harness can be found in any electronic store, such as a radio cabin.You will need to bundle 5 AA batteries together to make a 6 Volt battery pack for your Christmas lights.Each 5 AA battery pack will run a 100 count mini Christmas string.Use electrical tape to make sure there are no bare wires.If the water enters the harness, the light goes out and may cause an electric shock.Put your 5 AA batteries into the slot of the battery harness.Do not put the battery into the harness until the wire is connected and covered correctly.
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