aa lithium batteries How to Set a Seth Thomas Atomic Clock

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

Since 1813, Seth Thomas's clock has been trying to get ahead of time --Keep the technology.In their atomic clock version, Seth Thomas uses an internal chip to provide-Controlled atomic clockThe use of internal chips is particularly beneficial to customers who have difficulty using traditional radioControl atomic clocks due to interference caused by television, computers and many common building materials.Put the face of your Seth Thomas atomic clock.Find a series of buttons marked "PST", "MST" on a table or table, "CST" and "EST" on the back of the clock ".Set the time zone by pressing the appropriate button.Turn your attention to a small lithium battery.Electric digital clock display on the back of the clock.If the correct time zone is set, the digital display should accurately reflect the current local time.Find the AA battery box on the back of the clock.Put two new AA batteries in the battery box of your clock.Set the mode switch on the back of the Seth Thomas atomic clock to run ".\ "Wait for it to adjust to the right time.Automatic timing-The adjustment process can take up to 45 minutes, but will usually be done faster.
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