battery energy storage COMMENT: Battery of the Nation just the start of our new energy future

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-02
battery energy storage COMMENT: Battery of the Nation just the start of our new energy future
On January 25, the lights of 200,000 Victorian families went out and Portland aluminum smelters went off the line. it is gratifying that the power generation capacity in Tasmania has increased by 400 MW, unable to reach the mainland and maintain lighting.Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Labor/Green state government has failed to guarantee a reliable supply of homes and businesses, nor is it likely to be the last.
While these governments continue to pursue reckless energy and emissions targets in their ideology, Morrison's government has been implementing a practical solution.Between Morrison and the Hodgman government, a $86 million partnership has been established for the country's Marinus Link and Battery, all in order to provide practical solutions.As Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, the country's battery is a vision that will take advantage of the natural advantages of the state of Tasmania to address the problems of our electricity market.
battery will provide up to 2,500 MW of fast-Dispatching power generation capability.This is the real power.It will also provide largeExpand storage, consolidate renewable energy generation, drive investment, and make the most of the huge and untapped wind energy potential in tazhou.The battery of the country and Marinus Link goes hand in hand.
Marinus will add 1,200 MW of capacity in the Bass Strait and increase the existing 400 MW of restricted power generation to the mainland.The project will also complement other large projectsEnergy storage projects of scale like Snowy 2.0.The storage technology we see in Snowy 2.0 and National batteries will play an indispensable role in providing supportPower intermittent renewable energy.
The state of Tasmania offers the national electricity market great potential for additional energy storage and dispatching power generation.The country's batteries will more than double the existing hydro power generation in the Tasmania state and provide a huge energy storage capacity by pumping Hydro.This will help to open up large wind energy resources that have not yet been developed throughout the state.
Marinus Link will be the key to providing this reliable, schedulable energy to the mainland to keep the lighting and industrial running.The Hodgman government is doing its best to announce earlier this week three potential sites to be investigated by Hydro Tasmania: Lake seltana and Lake South LorenWest of Sheffield, tribute power station south of Tula.We face real opportunities and challenges in the electricity market, with unprecedented investments in renewable energy generation across Australia.
According to the latest data from the Clean Energy Regulator, in 2018, investment in new energy, wind energy and solar energy exceeded $25 billion --20.Australian Energy Market operators estimate that by 2040, the existing thermal power generation is about 16 gigawatts, equivalent to 1 out of 3 of the energy currently used in the market.This will be replaced by 54 gigawatts of new power generation entering the national electricity market, most of which are intermittent.
This means we have to have backup storage and better interconnect to handle the variable nature of wind and solar energy.Items like Marinus Link, National Battery and snow 2.0 strengthen Australia's investment in renewable energy and provide reliability that does not come at the expense of raising prices and compromising energy securityThe Morrison government recognizes our obligations to future generations.
We are serious about tackling climate change and reducing emissions, but do so while ensuring a strong economy and reducing energy prices.As part of our $3The 5 billion climate solutions package, the National Battery and the Marinus Link provide our sustainable plan to achieve our emission reduction targets through its low-cost, zero-emission hydro capacity.S. battery emissions are expected to decrease by 25 million tons by 2030.
National Battery and Marinus Link are expected to create up to 3,800 direct and indirect jobs during construction and provide up to $7 billion in economic stimulus in the NorthWest tower and Victoria area.This is a huge economic dividend, and our government has been working together and will continue to work in the future.Keeping the lights on and lowering the price is not an option in increasingly difficult situations-this is necessary.
The Morrison government has excluded this ideology from the debate, giving priority to safety and affordability.Unfortunately, you can't believe in Bill shortening and Labor at all.xa0Even the future of our country's economy depends on it.
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