battery energy storage system Advanced Energy Storage Technologies: Patent Trends and Company Positioning

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
Special attention is paid to the technology of electric vehicles, such as General traction batteries, lithium-Ion traction battery, super capacitor/Super capacitor, battery management system and charging.However, for those who are more interested in these topics, the overall coverage of lithium batteries and super capacitors is wide.The results were surprising.Some of the industry's most respected giants are dismantling their research and development to put money into production facilities as technology changes rapidly.
Companies with a strong, broad patent portfolio, the fastest growing company, are rarely mentioned in the media as a leader in this field.Our measurements show that a giant who has received the largest order rarely cites its vast patent portfolio, a warning about the quality of intellectual property.The demand and interest of electric vehicle manufacturers in super capacitors has surged.
So why is the super capacitor patent application stagnant and why is Europe largely ignoring this issue?We have revealed other opportunities for many newcomers, as well as opportunities for the Giants to readjust their research.For example, we reveal the details of the most prolific inventors and patent trends in many aspects of anode and cathode chemistry.For the first time, our complex computer analysis identifies the different technical priorities of the research being conducted by many companies and research organizations around the world.
We express our expert opinion on this.
Through several rounds of iteration, the patent search strategy has been developed carefully.According to experience, it will take at least five years from invention to the first product on the market.To focus on the "hidden" R & D efforts that have not yet been achieved in the market as a new product, the initial research was limited to patents with a priority date of 2005.
However, due to a significant increase in the patent rate in this area, this initial patent portfolio has included more than half of all priority patents in the field since 1990.About 2,800 original assignee names in the original bibliography records are merged into 200 Top assignee.Proprietary de-From about 40,000 national patents.
It was also found that about 12% of the patent portfolio was allocated to small players who invented less than one item per year.The remaining 85% of the patent portfolio is allocated to about 250 companies, of which about 66% of the patent portfolio is allocated to the top 50 companies in terms of patents.Nearly a hundred patent maps are provided in the report to facilitate detailed understanding of all aspects of the patent landscape.
"PatAnalyse provides a very smart way to deal with a lot of patent information worldwide.\" Dr.Light Electric Vehicle 2011-2011-range extender for electric vehiclesContact:Mr.Txe727, Dallas, TX75231Tel: 1-priyank7557 Rover Road888-989-8004E-Sales report.
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