battery energy storage system Battery maker begins production in SA

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
Sonnen will use the plant as its production base for selling batteries to the Australian, Asian and South Pacific markets.Prime Minister Steven Marshall said the plant is an important step in the revitalization of the South Australian industrial base.\ "The assembly and manufacture of 50,000 energy storage systems in Adelaide in the next five years will create about 430 manufacturing and installation jobs in the state and place South Australia at the center of this developing industry, mr.
Marshall said Tuesday.
Sonnen's decision to establish in Adelaide was first announced by the former Labor government in February.The company's battery uses lithium-Ion phosphate technology, whose products guarantee 10,000 cycles, is equivalent to about 27 years.The free government's $100 million subsidy program, which aims to subsidize up to 40,000 home battery systems across the SA, will help local demand for its products to reduce energy prices.
Eligible families can receive grants of up to $6000Interest loans for installation of solar panels and household batteries.Energy Minister Dan van Horst pelecahn said that the batteries that Sony can produce in Adelaide will play an important role in SA's continued transition to renewable energy."Providing cheaper and more reliable electricity to South Australians is the main reason for the government to set up a home battery program, but the investment and employment opportunities we get from our priority deals with Sonnen are huge.
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