battery energy storage system Government extends Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme to April 30, 2019

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
The government has extended the energy efficiency loan program for another 12 months.According to the $20 million plan, Tasman can apply for $10,000Interest loans in the form of Westpac credit cardsxa0Energy-efficient products for families and small businesses.Loans can be used to buy energy-efficientxa0Heat pump, solar panel and battery storage, high efficiency wood heater, high efficiency hot water system, insulation or anyxa0Energy-Save products.
Energy Minister Guy Barnett said the plan will last until April 20, 2019 or until the pool of $20 million is occupied.Todd horstan, chief executivexa0He said one of the most important obstacles for consumers to achieve energy efficiency is upfront costs.The current plan has issued a loan of $18 million to 2295 applicants.
Heat pumps, solar panels and solar cell storage systems are the most popular products obtained through loans
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