battery energy storage system High Temperature Energy Storage: NaS, NaMx and Molten Salt

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-28
The world market for high-temperature energy storage is $2.5 billion in 2020, the global high temperature energy storage market will be dominated by the sales and construction of molten salt storage systems at centralized solar power generation (CSP) plants.Composed of three categories: sodium-Sodium-sulfur (NaS) BatteryA metal halogen (NaMx) battery and a molten salt thermal energy storage (TES) system.
Although NaS is the strongest category since the first commercial system sales in 2003, the ones that became the largest in 2010 for the HTS category are the molten salt TES system.After four years of strong growth, the NaS battery market experienced an unprecedented negative growth of 2010.Although the show is strange that the naS HTS category has huge growth potential in the medium and short term, because companies such as RUBENIUS in Mexico and Abu Dhabi hydropower authority in the UAE are building hundreds of megawatts of energy storage systems around NaS batteries.
However, there is a lack of investment by the government and institutions in basic NaS battery research, which means that battery chemistry will be replaced by LithiumAmong the main sales channels for utility-scale energy storage, ions led to a decline in the market after 2017.Although this is the traditional market for NaMx, sales of small electric vehicle batteries will almost disappear by 2015.However, NaMx will continue to be the main battery type for electric and hybrid buses and small trucks.
What's more, battery chemistry's recent foray into the fixed storage market, especially the remote telecom equipment market, will show unusually strong growth in the medium and long term.From less than 10% of the category's sales in 2010 to 2019, the fixed department will be responsible for more than half of the NaMx market.However, for NaMx batteries, compete effectively with lead for a long timeAcid and lithiumMore research on ion batteries, Geometry of NaMx batteries and electrode chemistry will be critical to expanding the overall sales of NaMx batteries by 2020.
The sales growth of molten salt TES systems (or any thermal energy storage technology) depends entirely on the growth of the global CSP market.Fortunately, for this category, the legislative and regulatory prospects for renewable energy and grid energy storage are very favorable.By 2013 the U.S.Will replace Spain as the largest market for thermal energy storage, and MWh will install more molten salt TES in the United States by 2015S.
than in Spain.
Due to the continuous construction of the CSP plant, the two countries will continue to be regions with strong growth by 2020.However, other countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia will also start making significant contributions to the molten salt TES market by 2020.SBI Energy's world high temperature Energy storage market provides key insights into current and future markets for global high temperature batteries and Energy storage, focusing on key countries in each segment.
* Sodium-Sulfur (NaS) batteries-It is usually used for grid load balancing applications.* Sodium-Gold halogen Stone (NaMx) battery-For electric vehicles and fixed storage applications.It is often called a Zebra battery.* Thermal energy storage of molten salt (TES )-For CSP installation.
The report also analyzes key industries using high temperature energy storage for final products.Including electric vehicles, fixed and industrial energy storage, and smart grid energy storage requirements.Reporting methods this report contains primary and secondary data obtained from government sources, industry associations and publications, commercial journals, scientific papers, corporate literature, investment reports, and interviews with industry professionalsCommodity price statistics from the International Monetary Fund;The cost of production index comes from the United States.
Bureau of Labor Statistics;Statistics of the European Association of Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT) on the use of fixed batteries in Europe;CSP performance statistics are from the United States.S.National Laboratory of renewable energyWhat will you get in this report? The world market for high-temperature energy storage provides a concise, focused focus on the high-temperature battery and thermal energy storage markets, and shows how these markets move between 2011 and 2020.The report highlights the key players in the high-temperature energy storage industry and points out the ways in which current and potential competitors can take advantage of recent trends and lead new trends.
No other market research report provides comprehensive analysis and extensive data provided by the world high temperature energy storage market.In addition, you will benefit from a lot of data that is presented in an easy wayto-Read and practical charts, tables, and charts.In the field of energy storage technology, or in the business of commercial power, fixed or power production applications that require energy storage, you will find this report very valuable, because it provides a comprehensive package of information and insights that is not available from any other single source.
By 2020, you will be fully aware of the current market for high-temperature energy storage products, as well as the expected market and trends of these technologies.The report also provides a brief introduction to the top-tier application industries for commercial HTS products, outlining the main drivers and barriers to these markets
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