battery energy storage system Turnbull Government remains committed to Tasmanian energy boost: Josh Frydenberg

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
Julie Collins, Labor's shadow aging minister, says the Turnbull government has emerged.xa0Efforts to expand the hydropower capacity of tazhou."The state of Tasmania missed Malcolm Turnbull's preliminaries.
"Budget cash spending on infrastructure across Australia, no new commitment to much needed projects," Collins said ." MS.However, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said: "The coalition government remains committed to expanding the energy capacity and capacity of the Tasmania state to provide more economical and reliable energy for all Australians.And/or a second connector to the mainland.
"At the end of 16 years of the National Labor government and Kevin Rudd's administration --Gillard-The Rudd government says the state of Tasmania is not closer to the second connector and is not closer to developing its pumping potential .""On the other hand, the Turnbull government has partnered with the Hodgman government to support the Tasmania state as a National Battery, explore many potential pumping storage sites and upgrade existing hydropower stations."In addition to the second interconnector business case study, which was jointly funded by Turnbull and the Hodgman government for $20 million, this initiative not only increases the existing storage capacity in the state of Tasmania, but also increases the affordability and reliability of the national electricity market.
"In addition, we have also conducted an assessment of Australia's tidal energy resources through the University of tazhou, and we have funded the development of the Bruni island smart grid, we are testing the feasibility of the north wind farm to provide grid stability services.East Tasmania.The National battery project aims to significantly increase the renewable energy in tazhou through pumping water and electricity energy storage.It also has a lot of potential for employment and investment.
Tasmanian islandxa0National Project batteryxa0Director,xa0Chris Gwynne said the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the federal and state governments strongly support the country's batteries.He said Arena.xa0Promise up to $2.5 million."It has recently been nominated as an Australian infrastructure priority, and both governments are working on the next phase of the business case for the second bass channel connectivity project," he said ."."National Batteryxa0It is to ensure the energy security on our island, to give Tasman the lowest possible price of electricity.
"It offers a clean, reliable and affordable future."Doubling Tasmania's renewable energy capacity will also provide a significant amount of spare energy for the Australian mainland, which is urgently needed to replace the coal generation that is being phased out.He said earlier models showedxa0National Batteryxa0Will create up to $5 billion in investment and 3000 jobs in the Tasmania region15 years.
"There is a huge natural advantage in tazhou,xa0xa0Including existing water and electricity systems, excellent wind resources, existing expertisexa0Head-"We have already started," he said ."."Our work in identifying the best pumped storage locations is going well."As expected, the NorthThe West will play a very big role in pumping development in the state of Tasmania.
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