battery energy storage system What everyone ought to know about purchasing a grid tied inverter

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
Sounds great, making money selling power to your power company with a grid-connected inverter, but is it really that simple?You need to decide whether to sell power to the grid or to inject it into the battery pack.1.The first thing you need to consider is cost.Residential solar inverters designed for grid-connected solar energy are usually low cost.
However, you can save money because you don't need to invest in a battery bank to keep your power up unless you want to have a battery backup system.In fact, your storage system may be a power company.You can use it when the system generates electricity, and any excess power goes to the power company.
At night, you can use the power of the power company when there is no energy generation.2.One challenge is sometimes getting approval for grid-connected inverters.You need to work with the power company to connect your system.
The most common situation is that you need to use a professional electrician to make these key connections and make sure everything is OK.Members from potential shock hazards.With a professional wire, it is wise to connect any key connections on these high voltage systems to the solar grid connection.While a solar system that uses battery storage can power you at night, it may also be more expensive.
In the battery system, one of the challenges you face is to replace the battery regularly.Cost, but compared with the grid-connected inverter system, it also brings challenges in disposal.In both systems, you should consider the realSine wave inverter.
On an analog sine wave power supply, your computer, TV and other sensitive electric components may not work properly.3.Be sure to contact your power company and check with national regulations to determine your rights before you make your decision.You may find that power companies do not even need to purchase your power, which will eliminate the option of solar systems with grid-connected inverters.
In most states, there are regulations that require the purchase of electricity, but usually give you credit for electricity, not cash.It might be nice if you use enough power at night and low daylight hours to consume the points you receive.If you do not consume all credits of The Solar Grid connection system, check if the credit can be transferred.
If you can choose to use the grid-connected inverter as part of the solar system, you will most likely find it valuable, but be sure to finish the job first
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