battery power storage Comparison of an Electrical, Solar and Windmill Aeration System

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-08
battery power storage Comparison of an Electrical, Solar and Windmill Aeration System
If you are considering buying a Lake diffuser or pond diffuser ventilation system to mitigate weeds, bacteria and other contaminants in the water body, you may be curious about the solar and windmill ventilation system on the market.They look very eco-friendly and only require initial installation costs, but are they suitable for your pond or lake? Will they do the work?Electrical ventilation system-The electrical ventilation system will obtain consistent quality results every time;High cost-effective, easy to install, hidden compressor that does not hinder the field of view, maintenance is very easy.Let's discuss the reasons for this statement.
How effective is the windmill ventilation system in recycling the critical oxygen needed to recover a pond full of silt or thick algae?The typical windmill ventilation system runs only 7 hours a day, and the battery is spare for the remaining 17 hours required for proper ventilation.However, the wind does not blow every day, so the windmill must be able to store and distribute the necessary electricity in a few days.Obviously, the battery that provides all this power will be expensive.
A windmill big enough to provide the necessary power for the twoDuring the day, the battery storage is very large and very expensive.Even when the wind blows, the mill is trying to deliver important oxygen up from the bottom of the pond, but it is still not as effective as an electric pump.Some windmills create an air on every fully loaded car.
The fan turns and everyone else sends air every half circle.Since the wind is constantly changing, it is not easy to calculate the actual output, but the mill will not provide a constant flow rate of bubbles anyway.The windmill ventilation system tower must be strong enough to withstand strong winds and anchor firmly on the ground so that it is not blown away.
This usually requires a 20-inch 25-inch high windmill and a concrete slab of at least 10 slab to anchor it.The fan diameter of most windmills is between 65 and 72 inch.Almost all windmills have 12 fan blades.Many windmill ventilation system manufacturers say the wind speed of the windmill is only 5 miles per hour, but this rarely happens.
The structure next to the pond looks like a thorn in the eye of the mobile tower.The installation of the windmill ventilation system can be very complicated and takes a few days.The final cost of time alone can better hire experts to build and install the system.
In addition, the diaphragm on the windmill ventilation system will need to be maintained after several years of use, and the windmill tower is required to be lowered so that the windmill head can be opened and adjusted to replace the diaphragm.The windmill ventilation system does provide more power than the solar system, but because the power generated by the typical solar ventilation system is less than 5 PSI, they are actually not a substitute for the windmill or the electric ventilation system.Sometimes the cost of the windmill ventilation system may make it look like the best deal.
Remember, the best deals are not always the cheapest.You may be able to save a lot of money by buying a windmill oxygen generator system on eBay, but you won't get any customer support when things go wrong.Typical cost of solar cellswholesalesolar.
Htmlxa0(Not countingxa0Cost of battery and converter)xa030 KW required-Every day or 1 hour.68 hp (typical use of American families) is about 14 cents per kilowatt-Hr with a cell life span of more than 20 years.In Pennsylvania, we get no more than 5 hours of effective sunshine a day.
In an area like Arizonaxa0You can do better.20-1 ventilation system must be operatedIn order to be effective, four hours a day, a large number of batteries are required, as well as the converters needed to change the low voltage DC power supply to a 120 v ac power supply.You can consider solar power.xa0Clean, "free" energy trade is good enough.
To do this, you have to come up with about $30 000 (plus the installation cost)xa0Instead of paying the electricity bill every month for 20 years.Solar cells require a large, often unattractive surface area
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