battery power storage sleep or hibernate, where should we go?

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-25

Hey, do you know how to save battery power for a long time?When you want to shut down at the same time, you don't need to shut down every time.Sleep and Sleep options that meet this standard.Sleep is a power saving mode that allows the computer to quickly recover all applications running early in the system.It's like pausing the DVD player and playing again when you want to do so.Hibernate is also a power saving mode designed for laptops or portable computers.While sleep gets a small amount of energy by saving open documents and applications in memory, hibernate does this by saving them in the hard drive and turning off the computer.Compared to all other energy-saving modes in the computer system, it has lower power consumption.Therefore, it is best to have cleared hibernate compared to sleep-saving mode, so if you choose between these two options, you should choose hibernate.Sometimes, hibernate options are not shown in the energy saving mode list, which can happen.Go to the start button with the windows logo, type cmd in the search box, right-click the button and run as administrator.When the command prompt dialog box opens, type the command "powercfg/hibernate on ".This will enable the hibernate option that will appear under the Start menu.Enjoy using hibernate power saving mode.Go to the Start menu and click open control panel ".Click hardware and sound and click power options ".The window will open and on the left side of the window click change when your computer sleeps ".Click Change advanced power settings in the open window ".Navigate to sleep, then navigate to "after sleep", in the "allow sleep to sleep" option, switch to "off" in settings ".Your hibernate option is displayed in the Start menu and you can use it.Guys, this will show the hibernate option in the Start menu and the graphics card may not support it if you are still facing a problem.To do this, you have to update the driver and information of the video card in order to update in the manual provided to you when you purchase your computer and its video card.In the BIOS settings of the computer, it may also turn off.To do this, press the function key specified by the manufacturer to enter the BIOS settings.Turn on power saving mode and enjoy it with hibernate.Let me remind you that sleep mode requires more battery power than hibernate.However, if you are in sleep mode and the battery is low, windows will automatically transfer it to the hibernate option.If you are still facing any problems and need technical support, you can call my free number 1-855-352-1816.You can even access the website, which offers online technical support, windows maintenance tools, software, protection tools, etc.
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