battery storage systems Renewables: taking care of business | OPINION

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-13
battery storage systems Renewables: taking care of business | OPINION
Morexa0Australian enterprisesxa0It is transforming into clean, economical and reliable renewable energy.Businesses large and small are embracing renewable energy with record numbers, and commercial solar equipment prices have risen by 60xa0More than 2016 and 2017, according to SunWiz.What is the reason for the Sun's surge?Electricity and Energy costs are soaring.
Many commercial decisions to invest in renewable energy are driven by the need to escape the country's highest electricity prices in history and prevent future energy prices from rising.Electricity prices in Australia are unusually high, mainly due to a sharp rise in electricity prices.Investment in power grid poles.High oil prices, lack of competition and uncertainty about federal energy policies have also played a role.
But low availability-Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are reversing business trends.After all, we live in one of the most sunny and cold countries in the world.Australia is enjoying a boom in renewable energy and battery storage,xa0Projects such as wind and solar power plants under construction this year amounted to 5000 MW.
These projects will create 15,000 jobs and also play a role in reducing electricity prices.Renewable energy has the ability to lower bills by providing electricity to businesses at cheaper prices than fossil fuels or power grids.Unlike expensive diesel and natural gas, the cost of renewable energy is still falling, and the current technology is very affordable.
by building new wind and solar power plants, enterprises can greatly reduce their dependence on grid power.Renewable energy can protect enterprises from fluctuations in electricity prices.Companies are fully aware of the benefits of renewable energy and lead by example.
There are more than 130 large companies around the world committed to renewable energy, andxa0Non-Global energy companies are considering investing in renewable energy and storage technologies over the next 18 months.Australian companies have invested heavily in renewable energy, particularly solar energy.Thanxa0From food producers to warehouses, shopping malls, agricultural organizations, manufacturers to wineries, 46,000 companies have invested in solar energy.
This has caused the total capacity of commercial solar installations to double since the beginning of 2016.Small businesses have been leading the trend.The largest chili farm in the Bundaberg area of Queensland, Australia, Austchilli and SCS plastic companies in the Shepton area of Victoria have installed 300-Kilowatt solar systemA survey commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency found that nearly one out of every two major companies now uses renewable energy.
Big companies are catching up.
The owners of Whyalla works in South Australia are far from being erased and are investing more than 500 MW of renewable energy and storage to providexa0Safe and affordable energy supply.But that's not all.Australian consumers prefer businesses, products or services that use renewable energy.Australians are more willing to buy products from companies that use renewable energy, and people in three quarters think big companies should use renewable energy.
Australia's renewable energy boom is rolling out, and smart companies can feel the opportunity.Investment in renewable energy by domestic and foreign enterprises has never been like this, because it is only a good commercial significance
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