battery storage systems South Australia announces Tesla as backer of world's largest battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-13
battery storage systems South Australia announces Tesla as backer of world\'s largest battery
South Australia announced that Elon Musk's Tesla is the world's largest major manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, aiming to expand the state's renewable energy supply.The mega-The project will be co-built with French renewable energy company Neoen and paired with Adelaide en's existing wind farm in Hornsdale, north of Adelaide.Company executives gatheredxa0On Friday, at the Adelaide Oval hotel, the news was announced with Prime Minister Jay Witherill, which is expected to havexa0Chief executive MuskMr.
Weatherill said that the "historic agreement" means that his country is now ahead of the world in terms of battery storage for renewable energy."Battery storage is the future of our national energy market, and the eyes of the world will follow our leadership in this area," he said .".Mr. Musk first expressed interest in the supermarket.
When he wrote: "Tesla will install the system and work for 100 days from contract signing, otherwise it will be free.The project plans to deliver 100 MW of storage capacity, or 129 MW hours, by December 1."The battery will use renewable energy and store it.
..Then put it into our electricity market when we need it.Romain desaux, deputy chief executive of Neoen, said the project will show "largeScale battery storage is possible and is now commercially viable and can provide "reliable, distributable power ".In the debate on renewable energy capacity, the issue of electricity in South Australia, including multiple power outages, has become a politically controversial issue between the state and the federal government.
On September, an abnormal storm destroyed the transmission line and triggered a backup system.Due to automatic security measures, a key interstate connector with Victoria was eventually "closed ".But the early reactionxa0Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and other commentators blamed part of the responsibility on the state's reliance on renewable energy.
Australian Energy Market operators said in a final report thatThe synchronized "energy forms such as wind and solar means that the grid" has gone through more periods of low inertia and low available fault levels "and is more vulnerable in times of crisis."AEMO is working with the industry to look at how these new power generation capabilities can be used to enhance resilience to extreme events," the report notes .".Tesla has become the most valuable car manufacturer in the United States.
xa0Stock values have fallen since June 22, losing $12 ($15 ).8 billion) market value
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