bms battery management system aseako electric bike , aseako electric bike review ...

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-03
bms battery management system aseako electric bike , aseako electric bike review ...
Benefits: ASEAN electric bikes are great for people living in hilly areas and for standard hub electric bikes these hills are too much troubleThey need extra torque to climb the hills, which can only be provided by the ASEAN central drive system.According to the manufacturer, people who live in cities or suburbs want to avoid paying high parking prices and they are attracted to our electric bikes.In addition, the bike provides an ecologyFriendly transportation to help owners avoid paying high fuel prices.
As of 2012, ASEAN has a new and updated high torque reducer and has carried out a large number of other upgrades, which will only improve the quality of ASEAN electric bicycles again --This is the second upgrade in less than 18 months-ASEAN is working to build Australia's most powerful and cost-effective e-bike.Specifications: The frame is made of very sturdy aluminum alloy with a maximum weight of about 120 kg.The ASEAKO electric bike uses the Shimano 8 Speed Alivio Derailleur to adjust the transmission system and the Shimano RS410 gear shift to smoothly shift through the gear.
The ASEAKO electric bike comes standard with a V brake, but the Tektro disc brake is a factory installation option for some models for an extra charge of $129, or, if the customer wishes, they can later purchase the Tektro disc brake kit from the ASEAN website;Look at the spare parts section.The battery is an advanced lithium polymer fast release battery that can be used in 5-10 seconds.The battery has locks and keys so the battery is not stolen.
The battery also has a battery management system (BMS) that will protect the battery at a low voltage.Smart charger needs 4-Charge the battery for 6 hours and cut off automatically to protect the battery.The ASEAKO 200 W high speed motor features a brushless design, sealing and zero maintenance.
The electric bike uses a unique patented central drive system to increase the torque generated by the motor to 109 the crank.Patented two-stage reducer reduces high speedIncrease the speed of the brushless motor from 1500 RPM to 65 RPM at the crank.The Shimano Alivio gear is then used to adjust the torque and pass it to the rear wheel-This allows the rider to easily navigate the HillsHub-Type motors has no ability to do so.
Hub -The type motor is located in the center of the front wheel or solid wheel, so the torque of the motor cannot be adjusted.By riding an electric bike you get 286% more torque than the hubElectric bike.Model: There are three types of electric bicycles in ASEAN-Love sports, love motorcycle and love Alto.
The sport is a great commuter electric bike, Alto is a step designed to easily install and disassemble the electric bike, MOTO has front and rear suspension, this is great for off-road commuting.Of course, all models are ideal for any terrain
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