Boeing 737 MAX deliveries in limbo after deadly crash - sources - lithium ion battery manufacturers

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Boeing 737 MAX deliveries in limbo after deadly crash - sources  -  lithium ion battery manufacturers
Dublin/Seattle, Reuters-
Best delivery for Boeing-
Industry insiders said that sales of 737 MAX jets were actually frozen on Wednesday, although production continued after the United States joined the global base of narrow body models due to security concerns.
On Sunday, an Essel airline crashed, killing all 737 people on board and banning 157 people from flying in most countries around the world.
This is the second fatal accident in five months with a relatively new Boeing model.
Airlines, Aircraft industry experts and financiers said that while the ban would not in theory prevent some domestic shipments, most airlines will avoid taking a plane that has been banned from service after two accidents in five months.
"Who will ship the aircraft they cannot use," said an aviation financier who declined to be named . ".
Boeing produces 52 aircraft per month, and its latest version of MAX represents the largest share of production, although Boeing declined to disclose the exact number.
Boeing is expected to continue production of 737 at factories outside Seattle and is planning to accelerate production again in June.
As this disrupts the supply chain and can cause industrial barriers, manufacturers avoid stopping production and then speed up production.
However, due to the increase in inventory, it will cost extra cash to have to store the aircraft.
Boeing could cost about $1 a month. Between $8 billion and $2. 5 billion (£1. 4 billion-£1.
9 billion) delayed revenue, according to analyst estimates, although this can be recovered once the ban is lifted and the aircraft is delivered.
Boeing provided $109 in guidance in January.
$5 billion to $111.
5 billion per cent of income in 2019.
Asked how the global landing of 737 MAX will affect delivery, a Boeing spokesman said: "We will continue to evaluate.
Major American Airlines for BoeingS. customers --
Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines-
Declined to comment.
So far, they have expressed confidence in MAX's safety.
Vertical Research Partner analyst Robert Stallard said in a customer report: "While this MAX crash is clearly 'bad new' for Boeing, we think the company will eventually fight to the end.
Compensation Boeing has been working to solve the engine supplier delay problem between GE and CFM International, a joint venture between France's Safran SA, last summer, the fuselage of Spirit Air Systems Holdings has led to dozens of aircraft parked outside the Renton plant in Washington.
At least three newly built 737 vehicles were parked near the factory this week, with yellow heavy objects hanging on the engine, with lingering signs, according to people directly familiar with the matter.
"We are a few weeks away from this requirement, but we have a glimmer of hope to get back on track in the second quarter of this year," said CFM spokesman Jamie Jewell . ".
Boeing's 787 Dreamliner was grounded in lithium for 123 days in 2013.
The ion battery pack is on fire.
The plane later became a popular twin.
Aisle with good safety record.
Aircraft contracts generally do not contain provisions that automatically allow airlines to claim regulatory actions such as grounding.
However, a senior industry insider said aircraft manufacturers sometimes pay compensation to cover financing costs when an airline does not commit to a plane.
Even so, they are often reluctant to pay for other overhead costs incurred by airlines. UK-
S. -based airline consultancy International Airlines estimates that the monthly cost of financing is up to $737, up to $360,000, or $12,000 per day.
Norwegian Airlines said on Wednesday it would seek compensation for cost and revenue losses from aircraft maker Boeing due to a 737 MAX 8 suspension.
Mr. Stallard said it was difficult to estimate how much compensation Boeing would offer its customers.
He added that it would be impractical for airlines to try to switch orders to a competitor Airbus SE A320 narrow body because there was no delivery time for several years.
(Reports from Conor Humphries in Dublin and Eric Johnson in Seattle)
Jamie Fried's supplementary report in Singapore, Tracy rokiski in Chicago, Tom Westbrook in Sydney, Cindy Silviana in Jakarta, Yang and Jing in Seoul, james Pearson of Hanoi and Alvin Scott of New York;
The work of Tracy rokiski;
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