cheap 18650 batteries iJoy captain pd270 box mod

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-04
cheap 18650 batteries iJoy captain pd270 box mod
If you're looking for a powerful mod with dual functionalityThe battery system that separates you from the crowd, then your wishes are fulfilled.IJOY has proven its merits in the field of evaporation over and over again, and has gained extensive trust.What is the other device in a highly competitive field, but what is unique about it?Not only does this device look stylish, but it's also exquisite.
Its advanced 20700 battery and other modern technology features make it very enjoyable to use.In our ijoy captain pd270 box mod review, we will look more closely at the device and you can decide on your own if you like it or not!When it comes to specifications, the equipment is 89.5mm long, 47.8mm wide, 32.2mm in depth.The size is a little larger than other popular devices and it still fits perfectly.
If you want others to look at you with envy and be a proud owner, then the device looks beautiful and fits you perfectly.The rounded edges and smooth finish make it one, far superior to the usual box --like shape.The display on the device is enough-Large size with bright white display.
This screen is designed to help you monitor the settings and performance of your device.The ignition button ends the look in style.Considering the size of the battery, the proportion of the device is not that large.
The device is compact in design and easy to carry.You can take it with you and use it with you just a little worry.IJoy offers 54 different color combinations for this product.
You don't have to compromise on the color you like now.However, you may also be spoiled for believe the device uses a dual 20700 battery, which will make the future of evaporation possible.
The power of the battery is 3000 mAh and 40a.Simply put, the mod will have enough energy to meet all your steam needs.However, if you don't want to change your experience a little, then you can always use the adapter that allows you to use the 18650 battery.
IJoy meets all your needs.
This device is more practical thanks to the support of TCR function and USB port charging.There are also custom user patterns designed specifically for you.Is it For You?The device has 30mm compatibility features, which makes it ideal for many different tanks.
However, if you are just a beginner, then you may be careful when using the product.This special device is easier to handle for someone who is already practicing vaping and is looking for a more enhanced experience.Now, we have come to the conclusion of the comments of Captain iJOY pd270 box mod.
The device is balanced on a smooth exterior and technicallyAdvanced features.This is reasonable.Value for money.What are you waiting?
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