commercial energy storage systems Hydro’s decisions attacked

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
According to the Energy Insider, Tasmania's low energy storage level has given Hydro Tasmania serious questions to answer.The insider, who has worked in hydro for more than 10 years, asked for anonymity, describing the company's decision --He said he had left the state of Tasmania "in a very dangerous position ".The person familiar with the matter said: "In fact, it is clear that there is not much to consider the future energy security of the Tasmania state, and Hydro Tasmania made hay under the sun and turned water from dams and lakes into cash.
A spokeswoman for Tasmania said the company deliberately built the warehouse in a leading positionUntil the carbon cycle of the fixed price, because it knows that it will have a higher energy price."This is a very open strategy.As a business, we are responsible for business activities and continue to do so during this period, while managing the hydro-library in a prudent and prudent manner, resulting in considerable benefits. The spokesman said.A spokesman for the hydropower company handled the combinedCycle unit and its staff.
"Our model shows that even if the inflow is very low, the inflow is 60-After a day of power failure, we stored enough water to manage energy security.The spokesman said that in recent months, we have experienced extremely low inflows, less than half of the lowest record in the past 30 years.The CCGT of Tasmanian 'hydro has always been [Integrated]Cycle gas turbine] at its best in our portfolio, given the small amount of money flowing into our storage in the last few months, it has good commercial significance to restart it in early 2016.
Energy Minister MAFF saidxa0Record low rainfall and the first substantial Basslink outage are just two reasons why the state is currently facing energy problems."It is important now to manage this situation, to ensure energy security, and to look forward to the future," he said .".The government is making every effort to ensure energy security in tazhou.
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