commercial energy storage systems Opinion: Mark Butler explains Labor's Northern Tasmanian Hydrogen export industry plan

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-30
The Tasmania state is synonymous with its proud hydraulic history.As Australia and the world face an unprecedented energy transformation, Australia will see Tasmania as a renewable energy power.The state has unparalleled wind energy resources and pumped storage power stations, and for these reasons the Tasmania state can sit in the driver's seat and take advantage of the inevitable transition of the Australian energy system.
That's why the shortened Labor government has decided to further invest in renewable energy potential in North Tasmania state by promising $250,000 to develop a new major employment opportunity that creates the export sectorhydrogen.A hydrogen export industry has the potential to produce hundreds or even thousands of new wells.paid blue-Working as a white-collar worker in North Tasmania has reshaped the industrial tradition that Tasmania is proud.
It has the potential to generate significant annual export revenue for the Tasmania state, with some estimated potential annual revenue of $0.15 billionThis will make it the sixth in the state of Tasmania.The largest source of export revenue.Hydrogen is an energy source that can be produced through an electrolytic process using renewable energy, which means it can take advantage of the abundant clean energy supply in the state of Tasmania, green renewable energy, make cleaner hydrogen more competitive.
The Tasman hydrogen industry has huge potential, far exceeding exports;From transforming transportation to providing safe, economical and clean energy for industry.When I was in Launceston a few weeks ago, I met with North Tasmania State Development, a supporter of the hydrogen export potential in this part of the state.Opportunities for job and export growth have also been strongly supported by local business, local governments, Tasman Mineral and Energy Council, the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and the Round Table on business sustainability.
But for the region, this opportunity is not achieved by supporting new coal.Only with the support of the correct policies in Canberra can a national plan enable the state of Tasmania to realize its great energy potential.As the country becomes increasingly dependent on renewable energy, we will see demand for energy storage of an unprecedented scale to ensure that renewable energy can be delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
That's why Labor's energy plan supports the ambitious plan for Tasmania to become a national battery.As the north Tasman knows, at the heart of the National Vision is the Marinus link to the mainland.The Marinus Link feasibility study was confirmed in the case of high emission reductions, which is roughly in line with the Labor Party's 2030 renewable energy commitment, and the project provides a net positive benefit of $0.
49 billion for the 600 MW Link, a net benefit of $0.76 billion was provided for the 1200 link.In addition to our 56 million renewable energy commitment and our dollar commitment to the next phase of the Marinus project, the Labor Party has developed the Australian energy transition plan.
The plan includes a $5 billion energy security and modernization fund to support new transmission investments such as Marinus Link and support commercial and residential renewable energy and storage, including pumping water and electricity, by injecting $10 billion into clean energy finance.In contrast, it took the Liberal Party more than five years to transition from government attacks to renewable energy, thinking it was "unreliable", "crazy" and "ideological ".They refuse to support any pro.The renewable policy after 2020, they plan to provide insurance for new coal-fired power stations that directly undermine the business case of the National battery project.
Just over the past week, Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party have promised to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on new coalPower plants that are completely inconsistent with the future of energy in the Tasmania state and Australia.In fact, renewable energy is the cheapest form of new energy, but under the leadership of Scott Morrison, the alliance's attack is one of the reasons why electricity prices continue to rise.As a result, electricity bills have soared and thousands of jobs in the renewable energy sector are at risk.
That's why the Tasmanian can't trust Scott Morrison and his reaction at all-Renewable LiberalIn a modern, clean power system, the Tasmania state plays a central role, and only a shortened Labor government can work with all tas Mann state people to achieve this role
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