d batteries Singer Child's Sewing Machine Instructions

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

Singer child sewing machine is the perfect starting point for any child 6 years old and above who is interested in learning sewing.Machines sew slower than ordinary machines, reducing the chance of accidents.Although the machine makes sewing simple, the children still need to supervise by threading and operating the machine.A company specializing in the production of the latest technology products.All machines are powered by batteries, but the power depends on the model.For example, the singer's zigzag chain needle requires two D batteries, while the smaller singer's primary chain needle model requires four AA batteries.The accessories attached to the machine also vary from model to model.Most machines include three wire shafts, while the primary chain needle includes only one wire shaft.The machine with several wire shafts also has a wire shaft chamber that holds multiple wire shafts.Sewing machines are also available on the market.In addition to the machine, these kits include additional spools, sewing supplies suitcases and other accessories.Most singer toy sewing machines are already threaded if you buy new ones.However, if you want to change the color or you buy the machine you used, you need to know how to thread the machine.Please note that Singer's modern toy sewing machine uses only one spool and does not require a spool like a traditional sewing machine.Power off the machine.When you are threading or doing any other type of maintenance, be sure to turn off the machine to avoid accidents.Put the line axis into the line axis chamber and close the line axis in the counterClockwise.Spool room is located in sewing machine the upper right corner of.You may need to lift a small lid to get into it.With your fingers, slide the thread at the bottom of the pull dial between the two discs.This dial is located right below and on the left side of the slide valve chamber.Find the tension dial directly above and on the left called the rising bar.There is a small hole on this lever.Pass the thread through the hole from right to left.Identify the small metal holes under the Rod and on the left.Pass the thread from top to bottom through that hole.Guide the thread through the small threaded guide below the small metal hole.The wizard looks like a small opening, but it will guide the thread towards the needle.Turn the hand wheel clockwise to raise the needle to the highest position.Needle from left to right.You can use the puncture needle to make it easier for the piercing machine.If your machine does not have a needle reader, you can find one at the local craft store.Open the machine.Lift the foot bar.This is the lever located at the back of the needle, which lifts the press foot and holds the fabric to the machine.Make sure that the line from the needle is located on the back of the machine and then place the fabric under the needle and press foot.Lower the foot press bar that you put forward in step 2.Turn the hand wheel on the counter with your hand, the big wheel on the right side of the machineStart the needle with a needle or two in a clockwise motion.Gently press the foot pedal with your feet and start sewing normally.When sewing, guide the direction of the fabric and stitching with your fingers.After the stitching is completed, lift the foot from the foot pedal.Turn the steering wheel on the counterLift the needle from the fabric clockwise.Lift the foot bar again.When you remove the fabric from the machine, place your finger on your last shot to prevent any undoing.Cut the line with scissors and leave a long tail.Screw the plastic sewing needle with the end of the thread, then pass the needle through the penultimate needle on the fabric to form a small ring.Pass the needle through the ring formed in step 8 to tie firmly.Cut the tail.
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