d cell battery How to Make a Christmas Mini Lightbulb Tester

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-23

Christmas mini bulb tester how to do.One of the wonders of Christmas time is the wonderful way people light up their home with Christmas mini lightslights.They are the outdoor version of Christmas tree lights.But sometimes the string of lights is extinguished or partially extinguished.When you can build a simple tester to locate a bad bulb, buying a new one can save money.With testers, you just need to supply spare parts.Hold the top of the medicine bottle you will use as a test device and remove the cap.Drill two small holes in the center of the top, about half an inch apart.This will make the test plug for your bulb.Use the Xacto knife to enlarge the hole to be slotted.Be very careful and hold the top with the bottle while you are cutting.Test the spires of the extension cord to make sure they go through the slot at the top of the bottle.Take the C or D battery and attach a lead to the top of the battery.You can do this either by electrical tape or by welding the wires to the top of the battery.Make sure 2 inch of the wires are left.Now connect the lead to the center at the bottom of the battery.Use the same method as the top of the battery.Leave about 4 inch of the wires on this wire.You now have a battery connected to two.prong plug.Insert the C or D battery into the medicine bottle, then put the two batteries into the top of the medicine bottlepronged plug.Use the electrician's black tape to wrap the plug around until it is comfortably placed on top of the medicine bottle.The push fork is inserted with the fork head facing out.Adjust the spacing between the two pins to the width of a lamp seat in a Christmas light.Now insert the Christmas bulb into the tester to see if it lights up.If the light is not on, the light bulb is broken.
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