Edinburgh Premier Inn becomes first battery-powered hotel in UK - battery energy storage

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-22
Edinburgh Premier Inn becomes first battery-powered hotel in UK  -  battery energy storage
A Scottish hotel has become the first hotel in the UK to use battery power.
Gyle Premier Inn in Edinburgh has already installed a Five
Will charge tons of batteries from the State Grid at a cheaper timerate off-
Peak cycle and power of 200
Room space for several hours a day.
The technology is expected to reduce Hotel energy spending by £ 20,000 per year, while reducing the environmental impact.
The 3 m³ lithium ion battery will be able to power the entire building, including the restaurant, for up to three hours in two hours. hour charge.
Whitbread, the parent company of Premier Inn, said the test of battery storage technology will help it reduce its carbon emissions by half by 2025.
Cian Hatton, director of energy and environment at Whitbread, said: "batteries are of course daily necessities, and more often they power small household items such as TV remotes, so it's very exciting to launch the first battery in the UK. powered hotel -
This innovation will save money, secure supply and support the transition to a more flexible grid.
"The hotel chain followed other companies, including B & Q and Veolia, which installed lithium-ion battery power systems in 2018.
E Power Company
ON has supplied and installed the technology at the hotel and will remotely control the workload and efficiency of the battery from Glasgow's energy management center.
E Richard Oakley, client director
ON said: "Gyle at Edinburgh Park is already an energy-efficient hotel, thanks to the remote monitoring and management of its systems by our control center in Glasgow.
"By increasing the flexibility of battery storage, we can also help Whitbread upgrade to the full-
When the price is low, the board option to extract power from the grid, store that energy for peak use, and have the ability to sell it back to the grid to help balance supply and demand on the network.
"Premier Inn is showing how hotel chains and big power users can further save money, reduce their carbon footprint and support the development of low-carbon hotels
The UK's carbon and smart energy grid. "
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