edison and tesla unveil giant energy storage system - commercial energy storage systems

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edison and tesla unveil giant energy storage system  -  commercial energy storage systems
Tesla Motors
On Monday, Southern California Edison unveiled one of the world's largest energy storage facilities as part of a massive deployment of the grid
The regulator believes that connecting batteries is the key to helping Southern California maintain sustainable development and reduce fossils --fuel reliance.
The utility's facility at the Mira Loma substation in Ontario contains nearly 400 Tesla PowerPack units on the 1 Th. 5-
Acre site, which can store enough energy, can provide energy for 2,500 households per day, and can also provide energy for 15,000 households for four hours.
The company will use the collection of lithium
Looks like the ion Battery of the big white refrigerator, can collect electricity at night and other places
Peak time in order to inject the electronic scan into the power grid when the electricity jumps.
Tesla and Edison signed an agreement on the project in September as part of a state --
Statutory efforts to compensate for the faltering Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility.
They lit the battery in December.
"This is an unprecedented fast move," said Michael Picker, chairman of the California Utilities Commission, on a ribbon --
As part of a media campaign across the region, the cut-off ceremony aims to promote an increasing number of energy storage projects.
Picker says advances in the way electricity is supplied are happening at a rate that even his office can't track.
"Innovation is happening faster than we can regulate," he said . "
Besides Tesla-
The Edison Project, a storage facility of a similar size, is being launched by San Diego Natural Gas and Power Corporation and greensenergy Corporation with partners from AltaGas.
Overall, 77 projects were added.
5 megawatts of energy is stored in the country's power grid.
Ravi Manghani, director of energy storage, Boston-
Based on GTM Research, the battery system was delivered in a few months, and as prices continue to decline, energy storage can become a strong alternative when power consumption is high, resulting in pollution.
Peaker plants dug up in high places
The demand period may take two to three years to complete the licensing and construction process, he said.
Countries of task is in 2030 before from solar and wind can clean energy in production 50% of power and in 2050 before will greenhouse gas emissions reduced to 80% the following 1990.
But the missing component is energy storage, because solar and wind can only generate electricity at some point, and there is no cost.
An effective way to keep excess power when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.
Storage costs are too high, but experts say the trend is starting to shift as competition and demand increases.
Manghani said: "with the maturity of storage and the further decline in cost . . . . . . More and more products will go online . ".
The Southern California Edison CEO Kevin Paynesaid Tesla project demonstrates the effectiveness of energy storage and the fact that it has become a regular part of the grid.
"This is not a pilot project," Payne said . "
"This project is part of our vision for Edison in Southern California.
"California has been leading with aggressive goals," he said . ".
Southern California Edison embraced California's vision of clean energy. "J. B.
Straubel, Tesla's chief technology officer, said his company produces batteries at a gigabit plant in Nevada, making it possible to deploy treatment at theraploma substations.
"Storage is a piece of the grid that was lost in 100," Straubel said . ".
"It was impossible five or ten years ago.
Storage is a whole new thing. "Tesla's high-
Profile ceo Elon Musk did not show up at the Battery event, but he forwarded the Palo Alto company's online demo of the facility, announcing the "Welcome to the future utility grid.
"These projects are a response to the Southern California utility regulator's request to ensure energy storage to compensate for the troubled ARSO Canyon gas storage facility, which has been leaking methane for four months since October 2015.
The leak forced thousands of residents of the nearby Porter Ranch community to leave their homes complaining about headaches, nosebleeds and other diseases.
Although Southern California Gas Company suspended gas injection into the ARSO Canyon
The company, which owns the facility, uses some of the remaining gas in the storage space to help meet demand for a drop in temperature last week.
Residents of Porter Ranch Hope that ARSO Canyon will remain closed.
Southern California Gas maintains that the facility is necessary to meet the region's continued energy needs.
Much of Southern California's electricity comes from power plants that burn natural gas.
"I think we can bring more of this energy storage online," Sen said . ". Henry Stern(D-Canoga Park)
When Tesla saidEdison event.
"You don't want a single source that is too big to fail.
I'm bringing this good news back to Porter Ranch.
Manghani said that the mere delivery of Tesla and AES Storage systems would not make up for the total loss of Aliso Canyon.
"It's just a drop in the ocean," Manghani said . "
"You're basically looking for these sources during extreme peaks. "ivan. penn@latimes.
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: This article updates additional analysis and details for other projects.
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