electrical energy storage systems Unlocking Australia’s renewables future

by:MERITSUN     2019-06-29
Australia is setting off a wave of energy storage projects. with the world's most powerful batteries in South Australia, construction projects across Australia are also in full swing.Over the past year, energy storage has become an increasingly popular topic as it can provide solutions to Australia's three goals of having clean, reliable and affordable electricity.
The most powerful lithium in the worldIon batteries were opened in South Australia in last November.The battery can provide 4 hours of power for a total of 60,000 homes, not only because it is the most powerful battery in the world, but also significant.This is the peak of the wave of energy storage projects sweeping Australia, bringing aging and trouble to our country.
Troubled power grid into the 21 st century.Today, the power grid in Australia is aging and highly concentrated, and most of our power is generated at 20 large coal-fired power plants.By 2030, more than half of these power stations will be over 40 years.
To replace them, more wind and solar power plants are being built than ever before.Queensland is becoming big-The size of the solar power plant, while South Australia has exceeded 50 percentage pointsxa0Renewable energy-eight years ahead of schedule.Wind and solar are the cheapest new generation of power generation, cheaper than polluting fossil-fuel power plants and lower electricity costs.
There is no technical barrier to the transition to 100 renewable energy, and if we are to avoid dangerous climate change, we must do so quickly.But we cannot complete the transition without energy storage.Energy storage means we can rely on wind and solar energy every day.
When an old car like Yallourn and Silverdell coal-fired power plant breaks down, the energy storage can be powered on.When gas generators send electricity pricesEnergy storage can bring prices back to Earth through the game market.With enough energy storage-whether we are talking about batteries, pumping water or solar heat-there is no obstacle to the amount of renewable energy in Australiaxa0Can be built and generated.
In practice, we have seen how energy storage works.Tesla's large battery runs a day in advance to help meet the power needs of a coal-fired plant in Victoria after it disappeared in the hot spring.A generator at a coal station in Victoria unexpectedly stopped working, causing the power frequency to plummet, and the battery also protected the grid.
The battery can quickly stabilize the grid before other power sources start.There will be more energy storage projects in the future, and dozens of battery and pumping projects are planned to be built nationwide.In a few years, there may be large batteries in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the northern region that power the grid and pump water in tazhou, Queensland and South Australia.
Several of these projects are already under construction.So don't trust opponents-energy storage is the key to opening up a clean, reliable and affordable energy future for Australia.It's available now
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