energy storage devices Cleansing, Charging, Programming And Activation Of Your Crystals

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energy storage devices Cleansing, Charging, Programming And Activation Of Your Crystals
Clean up the crystal when you get the crystal for the first time, it needs to be cleaned up because it will get a lot of energy on the way to you.There are several ways to do this.It can be placed for a day in the case of sufficient sunlight, or it can be placed for a day in the case of sufficient moonlight.Good water, fresh water, streams, rivers.Visualization of the Crystal is also a great way to do it in Mountain Creek or when flooded with white light.
Do not use hot water or warm water when using water, your intention should be pure and good.After using it in any type of treatment, be sure to clean it when you want to re-clean itprogram it.Only quartz crystals can be programmed.Make sure your crystal is cleaned first.Sit in a quiet place and calm down.Figure out what you want the crystal to hold, take a deep breath, hold the crystal in your left hand and blow your intentions to the crystal.
This is a very powerful way to program crystals.You can program crystal to help you do a lot of things.Try to separate using different crystals.One for treatment, one for information storage, one for music, etc.
Charging the crystal requires charging, a bit like a car battery.The method of doing so is very similar to cleaning.Under the Sun, under the moon, any sacred place, river or river.
Leave as long as you feel fit.
Don't leave them in paint or dark places, they love to reach their full potential outdoors.Wear crystals around the neck to stimulate the thyroid gland and improve the efficiency of the immune system.It also helps with the respiratory system and sore throat.
It is grounded, soothing and calm when the Crystal points below.Provide energy to all systems.When the Crystal points to this, it strengthens the spirit and gives Universal ascension.Dual termination crystals (both ends point to) are ideal for use when balancing both, both of which are combined.
The choice, cleaning, cleaning and programming of all crystals need to be treated with respect and love..When choosing a crystal, it is necessary to find a crystal that vibrates in harmony with the self, and the specific purpose for which you bring it into life.Like to attract like.Every human being and every crystal has its own vibration.
In front of you is a plate of crystal quartz, etc.Look at them.Feel them.There are many ways to know which one works for you.Instant HarmonyDid you get attracted immediately?Powerful EnergyMove your hands to the top and feel the energy from everyone to see which one you are attracted.
Body attraction-Do you really like the look of it and have to pick it up to feel it?Now that you have your quartz crystal, what do you do with it?Need to clean up the outside now.The best way is to use water.This cleans the external vibrations of travel from miners to buyers, importers, wholesalers, etc.It also needs to be cleaned when it is dirty, dusty or when it is treated with body oil.
Just like you need to take a shower regularly, so is your crystal.Many people also like to bathe in the moonlight.I prefer the moon to the sun.Whether it's quartz or a gem, all your crystals love to be cleaned.
Quartz crystals store vibrations from sound, light, touch, emotion, other bodies, physical environment and effects in contact with crystals.Therefore, they need to be cleared before they are used;When it looks inactive or dull;And internal procedures.Keep in mind that they are an energy storage device.
In order to clean up, you will hold the quartz in your hand and take the pulse with the spirit of cleaning.Crystals are also programmed by pulse breathing.Cleaning and programming are done with quartz crystals, as colored stones have their own inherent procedures.
When humans work with quartz crystals, they become a very sensitive and precise tool.They accumulate the user's intention/program;Enlarge them;Focus and feed them back to the environment.When we program, the crystal is associated with our personal vibration, so it becomes an extension of the self.
Storing programs in crystals is similar to storing data on a computer chip.In order to use crystals effectively, one needs to have a central mental state to work.The Crystal magnifies any energy around it, so when the crystal is close, it is likely to be strengthened no matter what you feel.
Balance is not about keeping yourself neutral, but about balancing your emotions.Balance means that you feel that they are not allowed to control, overwhelm or distract your intentions.If you are having trouble reaching or maintaining your center at any time, put your Crystals aside and return later.
There are many ways to achieve reassurance.There are only four here.I suggest that each of you try it and use the one that suits you best.Calm and silent minds can reach any universe by relaxing.
First of all, take a few slow deep breaths to relax your body in a comfortable position.Start with your feet, tighten your muscles, keep it for 10 seconds, and then relax.Then, repeat the action on your body in turn;Your calves, thighs, hips, back, chest, arms, hands, neck, face and scalp.
Breathe into each part as you move forward.On the in-You bring life to yourself.Outgoing calls allow release to occur, which is your chance to release physical stress.When this part is done, move inward into your own space and begin to imagine.
Your imagination may take you into the forest, the cloud, and perhaps a charming garden..Once you have created peace, your crystal work will begin.Focusing on water bathing is an act of purifying the body and soul.
It does work very well when balancing intentionally!Enjoy a warm bath or shower.Water will not only wash away the dirt, but when it acts as a divine and thoughtful act, it will calm down the pressure of worry.Feel free to use bath salt and candles.Feel the warmth and humidity of it and let it soothe your restless mind.
Walking barefoot is centered on the ground and is always connected to the Earth.It is sad that many of us often wear shoes and are insulated from the ground.Walk barefoot on bare earth.This will have a clear balance effect.It is like drinking fresh spring water or enjoying the warmth of the sun.
Walking outdoors, anywhere you like, you will do well.Your goal is center, your activities are sports and outgoing.By focusing your attention on the external environment, you are connected to the physical reality, and your own universe will present a more balanced prospect.
Breathing is the beginning and end of your life.The depth and quality of your daily life is related to how you breathe.your intention.Understand that breathing is the most basic of the physical movements you control.
This fact gives us strength when it is implemented and applied.Use it to set your mind and make three long, slow, deep, comfortable breaths to achieve balance through self-control.In addition to remembering to take a deep breath, there is pressure.
At the beginning, it seems difficult to be determined, but like any new activity, familiarity comes with practice.There will be a time when entry is a description of your life and rarely distracts you.Cleaning, charging and activating the Crystal Cleaning the crystal is to remove the static electricity and accumulated charge generated by the stone during use.
Due to the different advantages of each stone, some stones need more attention than others.For example, yellow crystals rarely need to be cleaned due to their particularly outgoing energy flow.However, the peacock stone is very receptive to energy absorption (in fact, this is how it works, by absorbing the energy around it) and it is recommended to clean the peacock Stone regularly.
WHEN TO CLEAN?You will often know from its feelings or emotional reactions.Train your instincts about mistakes.Emotional, turbulent, or dull in the stone.It may look cloudy or dim in color, wax-flavored and sometimes even ugly.
If the stone is used for treatment, clean should be considered after each treatment.The purpose also requires regular routine.If you expect the best results from the crystal technology you will be using, keep them clear and strong.
There are many ways to clean, and I suggest you choose the most suitable time for each occasion.You will find out what works for you, and you will come up with some of your own methods.Earth cleaning technology.To bury a stone is to take it home.The symbolic meaning it implies is perfect for the deep purification given in this way.
(In a safe place) dig a hole in the ground.Point the stone up and cover it.Pour the hole and fill the soil completely.This will ensure good earth contact.It should rest there for at least 10 days.
If there is a stream near you (any clear running water), put your crystal in the bag and tie it firmly into the water flow.It helps even 10 minutes, but 24 hours is better.Under the dripping tap, on a rainy day, even under the rock pool on the beach, spent an hour in a glass.
Any source of fresh or salty water is OK.
A cluster or crystal-clear quartz or purple crystal with a crystal hole is the first choice for jewelry and other fine works.When you don't actually use crystal on the cluster to assign its home.I would recommend a cluster as large as your budget, or at least one UFO-sized cluster.
The cluster itself needs attention from time to time, so keep thinking.BY SMUDGING.The use of smoke-purifying crystals is a tradition of American Indian shamans.Smoke penetrates into the ether and is able to "dissolve" environmental charges in the environment.
This is a particularly useful means of cleaning (crystals and themselves) when integrated into the divine day-to-day or ritual ).USING SEA SALT.Fresh ordinary sea salt draws charge from Crystal like plaster.You need enough salt to cover the whole crystal in the jar.
A few drops of water to keep in good contact and then stay for at least 3 days.Because salt can be used, this is a very wasteful way, but once.Use the intention and your own CHI energy.
This is by far the most direct and immediate solution.If you have developed a sense of managing your personal energy, it is fast and very effective.This is a combination of certainty and intention, (focused mind, clear crystal in front of the eyes) directional breathing (slow and long power construction, and then command the blow like a gust of wind) a pulse of energy, all elements at once.
CHARGINGCrystals accumulate, remain stable, and emit energy charges.Generally speaking, the larger the physical mass of the crystal, the greater the clarity, the less internal or surface rupture, the greater its overall energy capacity.In addition to this, it also includes crystals that have been widely used by experienced people, those who have been \ 'en-And those members of the matching grid working crystal set.
The crystal of a given charge is what you feel when you radiate from it.As you will see, the different "emotions" and dynamics that can be used are as perfect and quiet as roses, or as powerful and loud as a storm.Soul mate with pyramid quartz.At dusk of physical time, they are coupled by geometric relationships.
The two are indeed perfectly complementary.Put your crystal in the center of the Stone charging and the greater activation of the pyramid.The high quality crystal hole of the cut purple crystal in 2 provides wonderful recycling for the use of good crystals.
For the purpose of cleaning and charging, the large purple crystal clusters and mines are very good.I recommend this method to the therapist.As long as the cluster is concerned by itself, it can handle the constant demand.For those who use crystal circles, you will experience the very enlarged areas they create.
Using the center of the quartz crystal grid as the charging area creates a strong quartz charge.Exposure to the environment creates a reaction in the crystal.Put your moonlit stone on the Blue Moon or put your diamond on the sun.
The rhythm of nature and the rising tide is helpful, and they are both inspiring.Leave the crystal in the vortex of energy, in the sacred place, or in the area full of positive energy.The fields of daffodils.Like memories of good moments, crystals can recreate any vibration you want to set.
Charging the stone with your own energy is also a skill you will know.Just like clearing the crystal with intent and breath, you can recharge the stone with any concept, or feel that you can stay focused in your mind.Activation activation is significantly different from charging.
Charging is an update to the energy stored in the stone.Activation is the expression of the overall capacity and energy spectrum of the crystal.This is like a turbo charger added to the engine, a "active" Crystal works at an ever-expanding level of performance.
With the development of crystal technology, the means of stimulating higher functions of the purpose will be realized, but there are currently known means of catalytic activation.Exposed to very high or low temperatures.This must be done under well controlled conditions.Gradually is the key to avoid thermal shock, but also the key to Crystal fracture.
Extreme weather conditions such as lightning storms and snowstorms will rock a stone.Placing the crystal in the focal area of a strong electronic device such as a Tesla coil, plasma ball, or electrostatic generator will stimulate greater activity of the crystal.It is well known that the laser and magnetic fields can amplify the response of the crystal.
The most likely way to work at this point is to set the selected Crystal at the center of the 12-point grid work.Place a vertex pyramid in the center to complete the array.Every day of 7 days, take the time to focus on the activation concept of the crystal.
Greater awareness will certainly be invited to participate in the process.Great may stay here under the most authentic will
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