energy storage solutions smart storage solutions for your kitchen - kitchen ...

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-12
energy storage solutions smart storage solutions for your kitchen - kitchen ...
It is more important to organize than ever, because the kitchen is becoming more and more a space for life and entertainment, and almost everyone begins to cook and entertain.In any kitchen, especially in the kitchenette, everyday life becomes more enjoyable if you plan the kitchen and dining area.In a chef's room, it is equally important to optimize the space to realize its potential.
If your kitchen is already installed, you can rationalize and touch your storage more effectively.If you are installing a new kitchen, then there is no reason why you will not actually implement the "science" of storage ".1) take advantage of redundant space.This is important if you already have a suitable kitchen to add personality to the flat unit;A small shelf with your own quirky stuff, combined with practical kitchenware.
If you are installing the shelves, think sideways with your installation --For example, you can go from floor to ceiling.Show instead of hiding.Be creative when storing your utensils, Pan bowl pans pots and decorations to make it fun.By combining closed cabinets with open display units, open and closed storage spaces are created that can be purchased or customized.
3) Get rid of the decoration appearance of the kitchen.Vacate the walls, use a stand-alone antique dresser, [a vanity on the front of the glass that gives you a glimpse of everything at a glance] railings for hanging, metal industrial shelf units, or bread from catering vendorsStore the least used things at the top!4) organize the drawing space.Load your storage room thoughtfully.If you are lucky enough to have a storage room called "storage room", you should use this space thoughtfully, mainly for storing groceries.
In our house, we have shelves in the upper half, containers in the back, less ingredients in use, and good looking pots, containers, the bag and receiver in front is their own display.There are two line basket trolley units in the lower part and they are pulled out for convenience.The design of your pantry should be a bit like something in the fridge.
All surfaces are used.
6] group items by function.
Whether it's a fun pottery jar with your wooden spoon in it or baked goods in a dedicated drawer --It's always much easier to find things in logical places.7) distribute your gadgets.We are proud of our latest gadgets, but we often build a collection that desires space --Too much to show all at once.So put the sandwich baking machine away in the summer, take out the zinc beer cooler and get ready to go to the bar.
8] take the container every time you use it.The transparent plastic container is good for the grain, but it is better to store it in the cupboard and only buy it at breakfast, while the tall and elegant glass container contains pasta and beans of different shapes, textures and colors can be displayed in large glass containers.Square containers are perfect for space savings in cabinets, although we use a range of wooden square Cuban cigar boxes, Victorian enamel bagels and flour containers that can be found in the local BRIC countriesa-Brac/antique shop where you can buy authentic things in any kitchen.
9) keep it clean and safe.
A long time ago, you hid a plastic box under the sink unit, collecting dirt and bacteria --As the bins and recyclers are designed to be space efficient and look great, this space is now released for cleaning and utilities.Corner bins with limited space are usually practical.Make sure you have a range of clips, hooks and fasteners to keep your food fresh and plan a cycle of storage cleaning to make sure all the hidden stuff is kept spic and span on a regular basis.
Think about kids and pets when planning to keep something like cleaning products from harm.10) shorten the distance.Cutlery, cutting knives are best placed to be close to their place of use, and now there are a wide variety of tool storage products, from separate units at the top of the work to wall magnets.I also think about the practicality of where things are.
To save time and effort, it's a good thing to keep your large cutlery close to the dishwasher.With a little bit of planning and enthusiasm, you can think of kitchen storage as a creative project --Not just functional chores
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