first drive in vw's long-awaited electric microbus homage - small lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-11-22
first drive in vw\'s long-awaited electric microbus homage  -  small lithium ion battery
Who still remembers the idea that Volkswagen first proposed the 21st century mini-bus?
We bet there's not much, like it was a long time ago.
The good news is that the public finally decided to build it.
Not so good news is that you still have to wait until 2022 to see it in the showroom.
Going back to the good news area, the masses will obviously put in a lot of development work, because they have built a path for the full five years before the launch --
The legal ID Buzz concept-we are driving it in its spiritual home-the sun-
Kissing on the California coast
Well, someone must come.
Entering ID Buzz requires waving your hand inside the side swage line to activate the traditional front-
The driver's door has hinges.
The interior is very simple and spacious, although there are quite high floors to accommodate battery packs and collision protection structures.
A small step on the windowsill helps you climb into the driver's seat, the driver's seat is high and moving forward well.
This gives a good view as well as more
Interior layout, fully flat floor with two luggage compartments in front and back.
The old mini bus owners will appreciate the "quarter"light’ windows.
No controls on full-Width dashboard.
From gear selection to indicator, each function is located on the rectangular steering wheel.
Two 2018hp motors, one front and rear, offer four-
We can expect to see the wheel drive capability on a higher version and the limited joint output of the Vivo BHP
Specifications and models at release time.
Long and short-
Wheelbase version and RWD-
There is also only one model of the 268bhp motor.
That's the configuration we're going to use today. A finger.
Slide on touch-
The sensitive steering wheel is ready for action.
Lithium capacity at 111 KW
It is said that the ion Battery brought zero hum to the ID
Up to 372 miles of emission range but this morning, quite a few others have tried this unique concept, so for the number of "juices" that may remain in the "tank, some people frowned.
Information will eventually be presented through augmented reality
The up windshield display unit, but now it's not active, so we can only make some short trips along the scenic 17 Mile Drive that's not possible in Monterey.
Despite the bulk weighing 2000 kg, the ID Buzz feels very lively when the D is selected and the throttle is squeezed, even in the singlemotor spec.
Cruise fast, easy to reach, efficiency-
Before you go back to the throttle, maximize the free roller skating function to get the motor out of the way.
It is unusual that there is no typical emailmotor whine.
When it is equipped with any self-driving technology at launch, ID Buzz will have a steering wheel that will fall back onto the dashboard and the driver seat can rotate 180 degrees.
At present, electricity
The mechanical steering is light but slow to respond, and for the prototype that rolls on 22-22, this driving is both firm and noisy and completely normal
Inch aerodynamic wheel of 235/45 tire.
2022 of vehicles will have the same McPherson pillar front and multiple
It has been proved that the improved drive is provided in other products of Volkswagen.
Adaptive Damping and adaptive
Air Spring after leveling will be one of the options.
Coupled with a very low center of gravity, this indicates a strong power quality.
It's still too early, but you can expect the finished product to match the rest of Volkswagen's vehicles in terms of driving performance.
The new minibus has been waiting a long time and there is more to do but we think it will be worth it.
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