first raft of ev batteries hits the end of the road. here’s where they go to ‘die’ - small lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-11-21
first raft of ev batteries hits the end of the road. here’s where they go to ‘die’  -  small lithium ion battery
Electric car batteries do not enter the sunset after they are finished, they will go to the shop around the corner to relax.
This is one of the second sources of revenue developed for the first batch of batteries and is now at the end of the operating cycle --
Electric or hybrid vehicles are used for 10 years, more frequent buses or taxis are used for 4 years, the electric car batteries used are usually less mileage per charge, and more frequent plugs are required
But production capacity remains between 50 and 70%.
In less demanding applications, this residual capacity means productive use for another 7 to 10 years.
So instead of waste batteries
In fact, China explicitly banned such practices in August --
Or recycle them for raw materials such as cobalt, and automakers and other companies have begun to earn a second income from the same product.
The battery is stripped from the chassis of the car and broken down into smaller modules to be repackaged and reused.
Toyota, for example, is installing end-of-
7-battery life of vehicles such as the Prius hybrid outside
There were 11 stores in Japan in 2019.
When solar panels generate electricity that exceeds store demand, the battery is charged;
When there is a shortage, the battery helps to run the soda cooler and other appliances in the store.
In another application, the Swedish energy box will assemble 20 battery modules recovered from the Volvo hybrid car into a refrigerator-sized cabinet that stores the energy of rooftop solar panels
By 2040, the third team in the world will be electric (
Estimated 0. 559 billion vehicles)
As cars have overtaken consumer electronics to become the biggest users of lithium-ion batteries.
In fact, the number of retired batteries is expected to reach 3 in the next six years.
Package 4 million-
Higher than 55,000 in 2018.
"Automakers are facing an upcoming issue and we 've started to see it: so many batteries," said John skenberg, chief executive of Energy AB Box, telling Bloomberg News
"The second market will be huge --
Life applications for storage.
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