ge looks to battery storage for power boost - storage battery systems

by:MERITSUN     2019-10-17
ge looks to battery storage for power boost  -  storage battery systems
At the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston last week, GE Power vice president and strategic technology officer Eric gebohart announced that the company will be committed to building a large-
Expand the battery system to store power over the next 10 years.
The first product is 1. 2-
Megawatt grade lithium
The company is expected to start delivering ion batteries to customers in 2019.
The battery system is part of a large battery
Large-scale implementation of alternative energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy, because the energy of solar and wind farms cannot be increased or decreased according to demand.
During periods of high demand, battery storage is necessary for the grid.
In recent years, battery technology has been greatly improved, and GE's "reservoir" battery pack can be 15% longer than the one currently available.
Lithium in recent years
The price of ion batteries has dropped and the performance has improved.
However, today's popular technology is still not good enough to support large-scale power grid systems and to make reliable enough electric vehicles at a long enough distance, with enough battery power to be useful to most people.
GE's "reservoir" is not a new battery technology.
This is a big box full of lithium. ion batteries.
GE's innovation comes in the form of a technology that regulates how energy is extracted from each battery to maximize the duration of the battery.
The real test for GE will be whether the GE power unit will be able to produce truly revolutionary battery technology, thereby increasing battery efficiency and reducing battery degradation by many orders of magnitude.
Innovation of this scale-and may even mean giving up lithium --
So many people in the battery storage industry are committed to improving the ion Holy Grail that will really change the energy model.
Large scale, good effect, long time
Because we can rely more on renewable energy (
Solar, wind, water and electricity).
We can drive electric cars (
Especially the improvement of electric vehicle batteries)
This really minimizes the impact of transportation on the environment.
Pollution sources.
We will be able to power the data center without pollution.
We can use oil for plastic and petrochemical products instead of power generation and transportation.
Even though companies like Tesla promote their battery storage products, it's as if they're already starting to power large batteries --
Scaling the grid, the fact is they are not ready yet.
Tesla recently installed a large system in Australia, but the system is a backup power system designed to prevent power outages.
For GE, the big announcement about clean energy is great for public relations and stock prices.
GE is recovering from the tenure of former CEO Jeffrey Immelt, and current CEO John frankry is not honest about the company's problems.
GE shares have fallen by half since early 2017.
Maybe this statement about the battery system is a good effort, the old one
Promote the value and reliability of GE and GE technology innovation.
Perhaps GE will succeed in developing battery technology to transform the energy industry.
After all, it was Thomas Edison and J. P.
So maybe it has the magic of changing our industrialized world again. But none of us—not even GE—
I don't know if I can.
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