General Motors says electric Spark is ready - buy lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-12-21
General Motors says electric Spark is ready  -  buy lithium ion battery
The joint venture with Reva will launch the car this year;
The price will be competitive.
Amid concerns about the success of India's hybrid car business, GM is preparing to launch an electric version of its successful mini-car Spark.
GM has reached an agreement with Bangalore-
Reva sharing the technology that generates sparks.
"We have studied the car and the first spark has been tested on the road.
"We are planning to launch it this year," said Karl Slym, president and general manager of GM India . ".
Despite Reva's inability to get the required quantity due to various reasons including price, Slym is confident to make the new Spark variant a success.
"I don't think Reva is a loser.
But there are many reasons.
Enterprises should be willing to do such cars. The government should be willing to provide subsidies to buyers and not pollute the environment. customers should be willing to buy them.
But GM has some ambitious plans to make the business a success . "
However, he declined to disclose the price tag for the new variant.
"The price will be competitive," he said . "
In a joint venture with Reva, GM will continue its basic platform in the field of e-commerceSpark.
However, it will use the battery technology developed by Reva.
The company plans to offer two battery options
Lead Acid and lithium ion.
Both batteries are rechargeable, although lithium
Among them, the ion battery is the latest.
At the same time, GM is also making plans to enter the field of light commercial vehicles.
To this end, the US company and Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation (SAIC) work together.
The first LCV of this collaboration is likely to hit the road sometime in 2011.
The company will also launch passenger cars of the same product portfolio in 2012.
"The agreement with Reva and the agreement with the Chinese company will add our menu card.
GM already has its own portfolio.
"JVs will increase it," Slym said . ".
GM has introduced three different Chevrolet Beat in the price range of Rs 3. RS 34 to Rs 3. 94 lakh.
The company aims to sell about 60,000 beats in a year.
The company sold about 2009 vehicles with hatchbacks for 70,000 of the price.
The auto market has contributed about 49,000 vehicles.
GM is expected to grow by 50% this year.
"We are also focusing on localization of vehicles.
We are already arranging parts suppliers.
"Beat is already 60% local and will soon increase to 90%," he said . ".
The company is also preparing for the power system plant in Talegaon.
The engine of the factory will enter the diesel version of Beat this year.
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