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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-28
We agree with the letter from Del Jenkins (Examiner, February 15.We have 28 same deals.Our sun is 541 cents per kilowatt hour and we are told it will last five years.Earlier this year, we received a letter telling us that only eight were received now.
541 cents per kilowatt hour from Aurora.
We are in the same age group as the Jenkins family, and like them, our pensions have not increased to keep up with the difference and have not increased the cost of living in all regions.There is no doubt that during the winter months we will work with others as the reason for installing solar panels on our roofs is to make sure we can afford the electricity.In all this, we seem to see the same mentality as the banking industry again.
Let's give it to them.
I would like to know how much of the solar energy produced by those with panels sold to Victoria, and what profit did they make at our expense?It seems obvious to us that even at a higher amount Aurora still has to make a profit because they have never disclosed or now disclosed how much electricity they sell.Solar Citizens have just released a new report showing roof solar is more popular in low to medium areasIt will not raise electricity prices for other power users on the Internet.As a low-Income retiree, I decided to control my electricity bill and made my dream come true with an amazing and reasonable investment to install a solar two battery system on my small unit.
My first electricity bill was halved, although the system was only running for half the billing period and had to use the heating during that period, my last bill was $91.48 in credit.I am also happy to see that I am still paying my full electricity bill and Aurora is managing the sweepstakes --Deduct from my system so that I can subsidize the electricity bill to other users, especially at peak demand.It is a pleasure to use what nature has to offer in one of Australia's most sunny cities, and I may be part of the National battery.
I recently had the opportunity to visit and stay in Georgetown.I haven't been there before.It is an experience of personal loss due to the death of family members and a pleasure, and I must add that it is a temptation.Family loss is a private thing, but this joy is very public.
I don't think in the days I stayed there, I met someone on the street who didn't greet me as warmly as a stranger.The same is true of the staff of the owner, hotel and restaurant.After the first day, I was even befudged by the driver on the street and waved to them.
Maybe it's the French beret I always wear.On the bus from Launceston to Georgetown, my fellow passengers were so friendly that I wouldn't be surprised if someone got up to make tea.As for temptation?Well, no names.No pack drill -But I weighed a few more kilos after tasting the pies and cream bread that reminded us of 1950 of the time we ate real Australian food at the cake shop.
Why is there a rainbow cake?Thank you, George Donian.Your kindness and enthusiasm make my sad days easier to bear without knowing it.How about George Town Hospital?Its staff are saints.
After recently falling off my bike, I went through what happens when you need urgent help in the north of the state.The Deloraine ambulance team is professional, efficient and courteous.Not only did they help me with this patient, but also my husband, who was faced with complications of having an injured wife and two bicycles in a remote area.
When I was handed over to the emergency department at LGH, the atmosphere of caring capacity continued to exist.Seamless cooperation of staff.I was introduced to the new team when the shift changed and was always cared for and respected.I know that medical teams often work under stressful conditions, with staffing, fluctuating needs, and sometimes difficult situations for patients whose bodies or emotions may not be at their best.
I want to thank these amazing people.
We are lucky to have such a service.
After announcing her retirement from federal politics, Julie Bishop said she could have beaten Bill Shaw.I agree.She will be better liberal leaders of Biscott Morrison, Tony Abbott, Peter Darton or Malcolm Turnbull.Again, on the other side of the house, I fully believe that Tanya Plibersek or Penny Wong (there is now a huge female parliamentary talent, if any) as the leader of the Labor Party, will be stronger than Bill Short, Anthony Aibo, or anyone else.
The problem is that as a boys club in the federal parliament, no matter how talented women may be, it is almost impossible to lead any of our major political parties.And, of course, Julia Gillard, but this is the way to "stab behind" in the same way as Malcolm Turnbull's death
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