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by:MERITSUN     2019-06-24

Power-Power outages and voltage fluctuations are common in India.In rural and suburban areasCutting Can Last 8 hours.This makes it difficult for people to manage daily chores.Therefore, it is critical to install a backup power supply system.The inverter-The battery system is one of the most commonly used and efficient backup power systems in India.People can go to the market to buy the inverters and batteries of their choice.However, it is not as simple as it sounds.Any inverter can only be as efficient and reliable as a battery.Therefore, choosing the right battery is much more important than people think.There are so many brands in the market, how to choose the right brand?How to find the superior quality battery?How to find the battery with the highest performance?The answer to all these questions isOkaya inverter battery.Why do Okaya inverter batteries change?-The Okaya battery is made of the best quality material, which ensures twice the service life compared to the traditional battery.-The manufacture of the Okaya inverter battery takes into account various applications that require reliable and extended power backup.-The Okaya battery, thanks to its advanced paste grid compound, ensures fast charging even with frequent power outages.-The high temperature reduces the efficiency and service life of the battery.The Okaya battery is designed to provide a higher resistance to temperature changes, thus maintaining a lower temperature coefficient.-In order to reduce the overflow every time the battery is refilled, and to reduce the frequency of refilling, the Okaya battery is equipped with a larger container that can store more than 30% of the electrolyte.-In order to protect the battery from anode corrosion, The Thorn of the Okaya battery is made of selenium-containing low antimony lead alloy.These thorns are high.Casting Process of pressure Hardy.-To prevent short circuit between negative and positive, negative is completely covered by Daramic USA polyethylene separator.99.-To ensure a long battery life, Okaya imported the best quality primary lead at 99.The purity from Australia is 994%.-The Okaya inverter battery takes into account the power supply conditions in India.As a result, the Okaya battery is suitable for frequent and prolonged power outages.Okaya is one of the few battery manufacturers in India that can claim up to 117 Grade quality inspection and inspection.In addition to the home inverter battery, Okaya also produces the best-in-e-., Just visit the Okaya website and choose from a variety of products.
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