home energy storage Energy levels rise to 16.1 per cent

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
Matthew Groom, energy minister, said that despite three years, the state's energy crisis is still not over.The national energy storage level has increased by 1 percentage point.Over the past week, a lot of water has poured into the basin, which means the state's dam level is 16.
This is the highest level since February.
This is the second consecutive week of increase in hydropower stations.Despite the heavy rainfall, Mr. groom has repeatedly stressed that the challenging energy environment facing the state continues."There is no doubt that our situation has improved significantly due to the recent rains, but it is important to recognize that this is not over yet," he said .
We face big challenges in storage.
xa0From our point of view, it's still too low.xa0Soxa0We must manage our warehouse with care and ensure that we continue to implementxa0Energy supply plan.The other side of heavy rainfall, Mr. groom said, was that the repair ship responsible for repairing the damaged Basslink cable was unable to start the next phase of the process.
"There is no substantive update.
They continue to think about going out later this week, but it still obviously depends on the weather, "he said.Consistent maintenance personnel requirementsxa0Repair works on sunny windows.Mr. Groom said Basslink told him on Monday that they planned to return to the faulty site later this week andxa0No change in return service date in planJune.
He said he would test the fault length of the Basslink cable.xa0In the UK, so help determine the cause of the failure next week.Previous testsxa0The cable hasxa0No results.
Groom said that it was difficult to generate electricity when additional diesel and natural gas were no longer used, but he noted that power generation was limited in recent weeks and that it was not possible to maximize the use of hydro power and could not"For now, we have made arrangements for the next few months and willxa0"Continue to monitor the situation to ensure that we have all the necessary accidents and continue to meet the energy needs of the country," he said ."."This is the first significant increase in a very long time, reducing the huge pressure on our hydropower system," he said .".“16.1%xa0But if we continue to rain, our major industries will have a chance to get back to full capacity.
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