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by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
Demand for energy storage is being stimulated and canceled at the same time.On the one hand, the diffusion of renewable energy, the emergence of smart grid and the development of hybrid vehicles all need to continuously develop new energy storage technology.Age, on the other hand-The old Nibi syndrome limits the extent to which these products occupy real space in our society.
While NIMBY syndrome is understandable, it is not free to stop the development of technologies that will enable us to build a sustainable future.I believe that energy storage PR has great potential in encouraging people to open up and get rid of some neighborhood avoidance difficulties, providing the necessary social support for energy storage development.NIMBY has historically blocked large-scale deployments.
Even in the scale of construction of non-wind turbinesthe-Cape Cod and coast areas such as South Tower key.The syndrome also opposes expanding nuclear power in the United States because no one wants a "time bomb" near their town ".Those seeking to take advantage of biomass and heat also find themselves immersed in the NIMBY battle with the public.
This is very frustrating for the forward.
The inventors of energy production and storage technologies may save us from an imminent environmental crisis.Energy storage PR can alleviate NIMBY syndrome by ensuring that the right message is communicated to the public.NIMBY's opposition often stems from misinformation and poor communication between specific project delegates and the larger community.
Public relations activities on energy storage can correct misconceptions and help people understand why sustainable energy is so important for our future.Public relations professionals in energy storage can inject new light into energy storage projects and encourage people to regard them as social welfare rather than nuisance.They can conduct surveys within the community and promote positive attitudes that arise in the process.
Social media platforms can give the community the power to talk back and make them feel like they are included in the decision-making --Production process.Such participation will help them to accept results that they are not completely satisfied.Public relations activities for energy storage should also include some kind of partnership with well-known members of society.
It is very valuable to have these respected people join in because they can win the trust and support of the rest of the community.The ultimate goal of the energy storage PR campaign is to convince the public that the energy storage company is not a bad person.Developers of energy storage technology are pioneers of a sustainable future, and sometimes we have to let them do their thing.
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