home energy storage Harz Mountains—Germany's Green Battery?

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-02
home energy storage Harz Mountains—Germany\'s Green Battery?
Located in the middle of northern Germany, the hazian Mountains are a forest-covered area of hills and low mountains, stretching 60 miles east --to-20 miles west, northto-south.For thousands of years, the area has been mined for its natural resources: copper, iron, silver, lead, zinc and coal.Its copper supplies the Bronze Age of the region;It is rich in silver royalty.
Many coal mines were shut down and the economy deteriorated due to reduced resources.Heavy metals pollute the land.During World War II, abandoned mines were used as underground factories that the Allies could not destroy.It takes a lot of labor to produce rockets, so the Nazis take slaves to underground mines to live and work.
Thousands of people are dead.
-There are 20,000 in one factory alone.
After the war, when Germany was divided, most of the hazian mountains were under Soviet control.They restricted access to much of the area, built surveillance stations, monitored West Germany, and monitored the border's escape from East Germany.Broken Mountain is the highest peak of 3,744 feet above sea level in the hazian mountains.
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Even after reunification, the area has not recovered.Most of the mines have long been mined and shut down.The Harz mountains have stunning views, and its quaint villages attract many tourists, making tourism the largest industry in the region, but jobs are still hard to find.
However, all these closed mines may also play a role in the economy of the region.Germany is determined to expand renewable (green) energy production.By 2035, it aims to produce 35% of the energy demand and 80% of the energy demand by 2050.
At the same time, the Germans want to reduce their dependence on nuclear energy.This means a significant expansion of renewable power production using solar, wind, waves and other technologies.The problem with solar and wind energy is reliability.
-Night, cloudy days, quiet days mean having to be in the old, reliable, polluted, noRenewable oil and coal.Cost required-An effective way to store excess energy of wind and solar energy for night and calm days-In other words, it must be reliable, not intermittent.Many technologies and technologies are being studied around the world.
Battery for small-Scale energy storage.
Fairbanks, Alaska is not connected to the regional power grid when the temperature drops to 50-or 60-below-zero.They have the largest spare battery in the world.-1,300 tons of battery larger than the football field, can provide 40 million watts.
Although it is only enough to power 12,000 residents for 7 minutes, it is enough to prevent 81 power outages.Some states in the Midwest are investigating the use of excess power production from wind farms to force compressed air into underground caves in order to dig when a turbine needs to be driven.Others use excess power to break down hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, and later get energy by using hydrogen as fuel.
In order to reach the holy grail of renewable, reliable green energy, there are many other ideas under exploration that are priced at the same price as fossil fuels --Generate energy.Does Harz have an answer?It is Mark Schmidt who believes that abandoned mines in the Hartz mountains may be able to meet Germany's demand for reliable green energy.An industrial engineer at the Lower Saxony energy research center, Schmidt thought of storing water in a tank at the bottom of the mine and using excess power to pump water into a huge tank or reservoir at the top of the mine.
Then, when needed, the water is released and the turbine is turned in the mine to generate electricity, like a dam ---But when the sun shines or the wind blows again, the water is pumped back, not lost.This technology is called the hydroelectric pump Library.Basically, when gravity is allowed to pull the water down through the generator, the energy used to lift the water or most of the energy will be recovered as needed.
The idea is gaining support, planning a pilot project at the Wiemannsbucht mine in Bad Grund, a town on the western edge of the area.Supporters and entrepreneurs are seeking 0.2 billion euros ($0.27 billion) to build it.It can be ready in three to five years and is able to store up to 400 megawatts of electricity, enough to provide one-day electricity to 40,000 households.
While the plants initially worked only with local wind farms, they could eventually store the electricity generated by wind turbines in the North Sea.Such a cause is rarely criticized.It is not polluted.It does not destroy the landscape.-Everything happened underground.It is also important that a lot of infrastructure already exists in abandoned mines.If the results are achieved, it will certainly bring economic recovery to the region.
As one district administrator said.
..We can easily become the largest storage facility in Germany.It can be a green battery in Germany
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