home energy storage system advances in solar energy as of new solar panel …

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-12
home energy storage system advances in solar energy as of new solar panel …
With the new development of solar panel technology in 2017, solar power generation has been in an innovative state and is now being announced almost every week.In the past year, solar energy has reached milestones as solar storage, solar design technology, and wearable solar-based technology tools, and more examples are continuing.The cost of solar power generation is falling around the world because the technology is progressing every day and is widely accepted.
The technology is widely used in almost every possible place.It is mainly two solar technologies such as photovoltaic (PV), and the other is CSP, which is abbreviated as concentrated solar energy.Solar photovoltaic technology is capturing sunlight to generate electricity, and CSP uses solar heat and is used to generate thermal energy used to power heaters and turbines.
The US-based company has designed significant advances in the concept of aesthetic improvement, allowing solar panels to get a customized look.A new product, such as solar skin, has been created that can be equivalent to the appearance of the roof without interfering with the effectiveness of the panel or its manufacture.: The Sunshine Road has been tested on the American Highway.
Roads will have the skills to produce clean energy, which also includes LEDs bulbs that glow at night and also have the ability to thaw heat and snow in winter.Therefore, more installment payments will be seen over a period of time.Wearable devices are nothing. in 2017, new innovations appeared in textiles.
Because tiny solar panels can easily be sewn into the fabric of the clothes.New textile products such as curtains, vibrant consumer cleaning technology such as heating car seats.: The off-Grid-based solar and solar storage technologies are already popular in the United States.
Solar storage is still quite expensive.
The technology used in the back is comparable to the typical battery.The STF connects the sunshine energy you can store as a charging state, and then releases it when prompted.This year, Stanford University's research department worked with the Department of Energy to develop a solar device that can purify water when outdoor sunlight shines.
For those who believe that the sun cell system is satisfied with efficiency upgrades and equipment capabilities, improvements in storage can help improve the power output efficiency of solar panels and reduce system costs
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