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by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
Energy in tazhouxa0Storage levels fell by 11 percentage points compared to the same period last year, and energy regulators are closely monitoring the situation.The country also imported 154 last month.8 gigawatts of energy is about three times as much as 55 hours.It exports 2 GWh.Rainfall in Tasmania was significantly lower than average this year, and in some areas it was the driest in January.
xa0For the record.
Hydro Tasmania said there was no reason to issue an alert, but it has been confirmed that the Tamar Valley power station is running at full capacity.In 2017, a Public Account Committee report on the 2016 Tasmania state energy crisis recommended that the government retain power stations.The commission found that low rainfall and a Basslink outage could cost Hydro Tasmania as much as $0.
18 billion.
Spokesman for the Tasmania state energy regulatorxa0He said it was the first time the storage level was close to a cautious storage level after the government established an energy security framework in November 2017."As highlighted by the energy security task force, due to a number of variables, including rainfall, water flowing into the Hydro Tasmania warehouse, the amount of water stored below the PSL can be predicted from time to time, at levels that are not"Water and electricity (such as Basslink, wind, natural gas, solar) and electricity demand," the spokesman said ."."The situation will continue to be closely monitored.
"If it is predicted that future storage will be close to a high level of reliability, the regulator will ask Hydro Tasmania to prepare a plan to explain how it intends to restore its capacity."There is no need for additional action by regulators or Hydro Tasmania at this stage.The regulator discussed storage levels at its regular meeting with Hydro Tasmania last week.
"The warehouse is now well above the level of concern," the spokesman said .".Alan Jones, acting director of wholesale energy services at Hydro Tasmania, said that the storage capacity of Hydro is 34.It was "a comfortable location as of February 4, despite the dry weather of January ".
"This level is much higher than the level of high reliability," Jones said .""Given the recent hot weather and the conditions of the jungle fire, we are careful to ensure that we have all the energy generation options available to us."Starting the combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT), the largest power generation unit at tamar Valley power station provides us with additional power generation capacity and flexibility to meet the needs of Tasmania, you can also help Victoria in the heat wave and create for tazhou.
Given the dry weather, TasWater is currently reviewing water resources across the state.A spokesman said: "Every summer, there is a risk that some parts of tazhou will face water restrictions ."Although there may be no water limit for where you live, TasWater urges people to pay attention to the water during the summer and use it wisely.
Currently Currie on King's Island is carrying out a second phase of water restriction.The spokesman said that briport was put on.xa0Limitations in the first phasexa0-In December, in order to reduce the demand during the influx of tourists during the summer vacation, and to protect the supply caused by reduced rainfall in winter and spring.
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