home energy storage Tasmania's energy storage levels rise to 13 per cent

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
0 increase in storage level.Despite the highest levels of hydro power in Piman and MerseyForth and Derwent plans as well as dial-up for diesel and natural gas power generation to prevent spills of storage.All diesel power generation was shut down as of Monday afternoon and Hydro Tasmania will monitor rainfall and inflow closely to determine when and how much diesel will be reopened.Water and electricity will become morexa0Rainfall in the catchment area this week.
Energy Minister Matthew MAFF said storage levels in the major energy-generating sources of the Great Lakes and Gordon Lakes increased by 0.3 cents per person.Mr. Groom said the Rolls-Royce Trent unit at the Tamar Valley power plant was closed on Saturday after finding a leak.He said that the fault will be fixed this weekend and has nothing to do with the previous issue that was sent to Abu Dhabi for repair on last September.
This is the second time the device has been shut down since it resumed early service last month.Three 25 MW dual-fuel units at the retired Bell Bay power station will be on line in about two weeks, while Hydro is expected to run an additional 220 MW of power generation.Opposition leader Brian Green says it will take at least a month of heavy rain in the state to see a significant increase in storage levels.
"Moderate increase.
2%xa0"It shows how much rain it takes to get our dam back to safe operating levels," Mr Green said ."."While electricity restrictions are still being imposed in major industries, we are not out of the woods.Mr. Green said that the Basslink cable needs to go through its mid-The target date to help the dam recover is June.
Under favorable weather conditions, Basslink is expected to start the next phase of cable repair work this week
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