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by:MERITSUN     2019-07-01
Tasmania has become the number one renewable energy state in the country, but we have the opportunity to take our potential to a new level.A series of exciting initiatives have recently been announced, which will unlock the nation in the state of Tasmania --Leading potential for renewable energy.A report from ARENA, Australia's leading renewable energy agency, identified 14 "high potential" pumping storage sites in our central Highlands as well as on the northern and western coasts.
Together, they can provide up to 4800 MW of new energy capacity.The next step is to reduce these 14 high-potential sites to "executable" projects, with an expected delivery of 2500 MW, twice the existing hydropower capacity.That's right. this is a game.State change-National ConstructionLeading discovery in the energy industry and the foundation for the future.
It's an incredible leap to create up to 3000 jobs and generate investments of up to $5 billion.The second report released by ARENA reinforces what many already know-we can provide the lowest energy cost in the country.This report confirms that the state of Tasmania should make pumping investment a national priority.
Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said they were "state-Infrastructure projects ".As more coal-fired power plants retire and intermittent renewable sources such as wind power enter the market, reliable energy is needed to fill this gap.The geography and topography of the Tasmania state and the location of our existing hydropower assets put our state in a strategic position to deliver low-cost, 100 renewable and schedulable power energy on tap.
At present, we have 30 power stations in the heart of tazhou, which is established by our ancestors in the tazhou era known as the "hydropower era" through decades of hard work and innovation.Industrialized.The pumped storage power station is the next generation of hydropower in the state of Tasmania.In short, it involves delivering water up to the reservoir and releasing it through the turbine when needed to provide additional energy to the grid.
However, it's not just the next generation of hydropower, but the world in the state of Tasmania-Wind Energy Potential also plays a vital role in the state's energy future.The wind farm in the cattle Hill and the port of Granville is already underway, and other places, including Robins Island, are also planning to expand.According to the report, "flexible hydropower in the state of Tasmania .
..... It can reduce energy costs by 9 million and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to tons per year ".New and increased connectivity is the basis for this development, and the Australian government has agreed to refer to it as a "national infrastructure", which Australia regards as a "priority" infrastructure.A number of potential Terminal sites have been identified in the Victoria landing and throughout Northern tazhou.
TasNetworks is reviewing and meeting with cable manufacturers in Europe last week to discuss.Hodgman free governmentxa0Working with the Turnbull free government to take advantage of our unique renewable energy advantages to create more jobs, investment and low-cost electricity to benefit the Tasman
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