how to recondition rechargeable batteries - restore your laptop's battery in 4 steps - small lithium ion battery

by:MERITSUN     2019-11-22
how to recondition rechargeable batteries - restore your laptop\'s battery in 4 steps  -  small lithium ion battery
More and more daily supplies use rechargeable power supplies in one form or another.
Unfortunately, these batteries will not exist forever.
The good news is that you can extend the life of these cells by using some simple techniques.
You'll save some money by learning how to reconfigure the rechargeable battery.
Also, you will help the environment by using them for a longer period of time rather than replacing them.
Almost all kinds can be restored to a certain extent.
Here are 4 simple steps to restore the laptop battery.
Remove the battery from the laptop and determine what type it is.
It will be printed somewhere on the box, or nickel-cadmium (NiCd,)
Nickel Metal hydrogen (NiMH,)
Or lithium ion (LiON. ).
If it is one of the first two types, then this technology is the one to use.
However, if it is a lithium ion type, then do not use the following technology, as it will not have any effect at best, or it will damage your battery in the worst case.
Both nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydroxide types are affected by so-called memory effects, and repeated partial discharge and charging can cause the battery to "remember" the point at which charging usually starts and set it to the base point.
This false space reduces the amount of charge a unit can hold.
The following technologies reset the battery and eliminate any memory impact to restore it to near full capacity.
To do this, there are two ways, one is to short-circuit the battery terminal using a special resistor circuit, so that the power supply stored can be completely discharged safely and quickly.
It is important that you either purchase this tool or make a tool from the plan (
If you're technically talented)
Don't short-circuit the terminals without this special circuit, because it will generate a lot of current, which is dangerous and will cause fire or damage to the battery and cannot be repaired.
If you don't have this tool, then you can release it completely by placing it on your laptop and then entering its Settings screen.
Usually, this is done by pressing Del after opening.
Put the laptop in this setup mode until it turns off due to low power consumption, and since this screen is bypassing any power saving settings, it will completely flatten.
Put your battery in the fridge for the night.
Place it in a zip bag to prevent it from touching any moisture in the first place.
Doing so will cool the gel, which will eliminate any memory effect.
Once you remove the device from the refrigerator, get it back to room temperature, make sure it dries and charge it in your laptop.
Repeat the last two steps and completely drain and freeze the cells again.
After the second charge, you should see a great improvement in the performance of your unit.
This is just one of the many technologies you can use to repair rechargeable batteries.
By following these methods, you can restore the battery of your laptop in 4 steps.
Laptop batteries can be expensive, so doing so saves you money and also avoids landfill sites so you can help the planet as well.
If you want to learn more about how to restore or repair the old battery you think is dead and is about to throw away.
Go to the guide.
Please check for more information.
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