india wastes 15-20% of its renewable energy due to lack of storage: panasonic energy head - electricity storage

by:MERITSUN     2020-01-03
india wastes 15-20% of its renewable energy due to lack of storage: panasonic energy head  -  electricity storage
Changes in wind and solar energy and the lack of adequate power storage facilities resulted in about 15-
A senior official from Panasonic's Indian energy sector said that 20 per cent of all renewable energy generated in India would be wasted.
"On average, if 24 hours is the potential for power generation, then you can easily say, 15-
20% of the waste is due to the inability of the grid to manage power changes in wind and solar power, "said Atul Arya, head of energy systems, Panasonic India told Hindus in an interview.
Variability of renewable energy generation
When the wind changes direction and speed every hour, the sun's intensity may vary by minute
Mr. Arya said that if renewable energy is a small percentage of the entire grid, as it is currently in the state grid, it is not a big problem.
"But if you look at the state
"The specific mesh, then the picture changes," he added . ".
"Look at the Tamil Nadu grid, for example. Percentage-
It is wise that the Tamil Nadu Power Grid has a considerable amount of wind, which is why they are having problems.
With the change of wind speed and wind direction, it becomes terrible from the perspective of power grid stability.
Mr. Arya said that the typical strategy of giving up power in India at present is to simply give up unstable power without entering the grid.
"So you're generating it but not using it in the grid," he said . ".
"It was wasted.
You can either use electricity immediately or you can't use it at all.
This is the development direction of storage technology.
Storage technology ensures that whatever you get from power generation, whether it's wind power or solar power --cum-
The storage unit is a unified output, "which is great for the grid," Mr Arya said ".
In terms of battery technology, lithium-ion batteries—
The kind used in the phone
It has become the preferred technology because they are superior to all other competitive technologies in terms of scale, capacity, efficiency and environmental impact. “Lithium-
Ion doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the next decade, "said Mr Arya.
"If you include the fact that even electric vehicles use this battery, then you can look forward to greater R & D and investment in this technology in the future.
"The central government has been working to promote the development of renewable energy since the generation of renewable energy, but in terms of storage technology, its development is still relatively slow, and some policy decisions can correct this problem, according to Mr. Arya
"The government and ministries have a lot of knowledge about understanding the subject, but, of course, it's quite new," he said . ".
"It may take some more time (
Gaining momentum for government policy).
"In addition to announcing tax incentives for storage technology manufacturing, such as tax incentives for IT departments, there are other steps, such as viability --
Funding gaps can also boost the industry.
"The government only recognizes natural gas.
"The plant, as a service provider, promotes power generation when demand is insufficient," Mr Arya said . ".
"But it does not recognize the storage of energy for this purpose, which has already happened in the Western world.
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