li ion battery cell How to Find out If Your Phone's Battery Is Bad and How to Act Properly

by:MERITSUN     2019-07-08
li ion battery cell How to Find out If Your Phone\'s Battery Is Bad and How to Act Properly
Have you seen your phone behave strangely?Although this behavior may be caused by a firmware error or other hardware issue, it is usually caused by a battery failure.The battery is one of the most important parts of the phone because it provides the phone with the power it needs to run, but it is a component that often has problems.However, you can predict if your battery is faulty and needs to be replaced by looking at some specific signs.
Let's see what these songs are, how to find the right battery for your device, and how to replace it with the old defective battery.It is clear that most display problems are caused by hardware problems, screen failures, or screen breaks.Still, if your battery starts to fail, your screen brightness may change randomly even if you don't change any settings.
The faulty battery rarely makes your screen behave like a broken one (the random part of the screen flashes color ).So if you see your phone screen acting completely weird before it gets hit, either your graphics card/screen element is faulty or just the battery as described above is faulty.After each reboot, you may find that your battery percentage changes to a random number without any actual reason, above or below normal.
The only way to get it back to normal is to restart the phone several times.Similarly, the bad battery is the culprit.In some rare cases, this may be caused by a battery sensor failure (like the samsung Xperia s Galaxy Trend Plus model), but, even in this case, replaceOne of the most common symptoms of battery failure is a random phone restart.
Again, this may be due to some other bad components or errors in the firmware, but in most cases the battery failure is the cause of the random reboot of the phone.There is no need to say too much here, obviously if your battery is overheating without overusing the phone, it has a problem if it starts to swell or get smaller.Of course, the most common sign of a battery failure is a shortened battery life.
If you 've already started to notice that your battery lasts less, then there's definitely something wrong with it.What if your battery is faulty?If you find a problem with your battery, you should not ignore it.One day it may temporarily leave you without a phone, it may leak and damage your phone, or it may even explode in extreme cases, causing serious damage or damageOf course, the right thing to do is to replace it as soon as possible.
What batteries should you buy?There are many kinds of mobile phone batteries, but the lithium battery is the most used.Ion battery (Li-Ion).However, you should search online or check yourself for exactly what battery your phone needs.If you're not sure yet, you can ask the expert to let you know.
Please always purchase the manufacturer's advice on your device.Be careful not to buy batteries with larger capacity of original or OEM batteries.Instead of risking the safety of you and your phone, pay a little more and the battery life is 1 hour less.
Make sure to buy batteries from trusted physical stores.It is usually recommended to do so, as this way you can check if the new battery is OK or if it has any indication that it has a factory defect.If you can't go to a physical store and want to buy online, make sure to buy from a trusted online seller and always seek an accepted return notice, so that if you find something unusual on the product, you can return it.
How do you replace the battery of your phone?Again, the program depends entirely on your model and manufacturer.For each device, however, the steps are usually the same.Back up your important data.This step is very important, there is no danger of data loss during battery replacement, but you should always back up your data before you mess with your phone in any way, just in case.
Turn off the phone.
Don't try anything when your phone is powered on or plugged in.Carefully open the back cover of the phone.Find the small gap and pull it slowly until you remove it completely.
Remove the battery.
Place new, be very careful, always place according to battery and phone model.After checking everything is normal, place the back cover the way you remove the back cover.Power your phone.Done!Please contact an expert if you are not sure about the procedure.
If you are unable to access the battery of the device, please hand it over to the certified technician for replacement.Don't try to tear down your phone yourself unless you have experience, as it can cause serious damage.This is it!Your device now has a new heart and is ready to work again.
After replacing the battery, make sure to handle the old battery correctly by throwing the old battery into the special battery recovery box.Don't throw it in the environment or in the ordinary bin, because it is very dangerous to our health and the environment itself
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